Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Vacation: Part I - Going Boating

Well, we arrived back home yesterday evening from a week long vacation in Crivitz, Wisconsin.

My inability to sleep should prove to give you some good blog reading (I hope... can't promise it will be "good", but at least it will be something!)

Anyway, Steve's family has vacationed in the above-mentioned small town in WI for most of his life. We joined his parents, brothers and grandparents for a week of fishing, rest and relaxation (note that I didn't really participate in #1, but fully got into #2 & #3). I made the mistake of picking up Twilight to read and have now gotten into New Moon. I bet I'll have all 4 books of the series read before the end of the summer!

We spent the first couple of days unwinding, and then Wednesday we rented a pontoon boat. This was Brett's first experience on a boat.

But before we could get on the boat we had to wait for a brief period. This is how my boys spent their time...On the boat... notice my "Pi Phi" hat... I meant to grab my other floppy sun hat, but ended up with this one instead.

I love this pic... he has his Easter chick with him. This may be his 2nd favorite toy behind Cheetah, and I have to laugh because I think that Easter chick kinda looks like Brett. Notice the tuft of blond hair on top of his head!

I can drive the boat myself, daddy!

These last 2 pictures show Brett's sunglasses. It's a miracle I could get a shot of him wearing these... he actually likes his glasses, but he like the taking them on and off part (well, he's more successful with the "taking off" part), so they don't seem to stay on too long...

More to follow.

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amypfan said...

How on earth did you get him to keep a lifejacket on? I'm impressed. :)
And yeah, the Twilight books are very addictive! I knocked out 3 of the 4 on our family vacation last summer!