Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peridot or Sapphire????

When I found out I was due August 31st way back in December, I joked with everyone that I hope that baby girl would hold off and be just one day overdue so her birthstone could be my favorite gemstone - a sapphire. It would pair perfectly with Brett's birthstone, a diamond. Most people could care less I think, but I've NEVER liked my birthstone... a garnet. I always thought it was an ugly brown stone, and what do I own tons of??? You guessed it - garnets. For various birthdays, graduations, etc. throughout my life I've received garnet earrings, rings, etc. I know the gift givers were just being nice, but I own so many of these now and I just don't wear them. I was actually one of the few people in my class to order a different stone in my class ring... I did not want an ugly brown stone to wear.

Well, now that we are right at the tail end of pregnancy with baby girl, it's almost a coin flip. My doctor is inducing me on Wednesday (September 1st) if I don't go into labor before then. That's 3 days away!!!! Honestly, the difference between peridot and sapphire doesn't mean as much to me now as it did back in December, but still it would be nice for her to be a sapphire :). What REALLY matters to me is that she is healthy. I am getting so anxious as we are nearing the end. I keep hearing stories about people who have problems with delivery.... delivery of babies VERY premature....heartbreaking delivery deaths....and even a week or two ago, a bunch of people updated their statuses on Facebook with remembrances for all of the "angel babies" who never got to experience life outside of the womb. While I am very sad and heartbroken for these people (and I know some of you blog readers have experienced that horrible pain, and for that I am VERY VERY sorry), it is unbearable for me to hear right now. I am so close to the finish line....I keep feeling for movement from baby girl to reassure me that she is okay. I need to keep my mind from the dark thoughts....

So I am trying to stay positive. Status as of Thursday was still the same. I was 1 1/2 cm dilated and 25% effaced. I go back tomorrow for my very last NST so we will see if any more progress has been made. I am still contracting like crazy and baby girl has dropped so low into my pelvis that it makes walking incredibly uncomfortable, but it's been like that for weeks now, so I have no idea if I'll have her today or Wednesday, but I know I am SO CLOSE to the end!!!!

If this is my last blog post before baby, I will talk to you all again after baby Kaia arrives and will be sure to update with all of the (hopefully) positive details. Here's hoping for a smooth and uneventful delivery!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anytime Now...

Little girl, we are ready to introduce you to the world... we've gotten all the last details taken care of!!!

So, whenever you want to make your appearance baby Kaia, we are ready for you!!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Waiting Game

So here I am at week 38. That is one week longer than I was pregnant with Brett. I am proud of this accomplishment, however that one week alone felt like a MONTH.

In my last post, I mentioned that the doctor was going to induce me on August 27th. Well, we moved back the induction 5 days to September 1st by MY CHOICE. I pondered all last weekend about the induction date. She'd ALMOST be full term. I mean that would take her to 39 1/2 weeks, but I couldn't get over the fact that it was like running 13.1 miles, but quitting before the .1. Not QUITE reaching the finish line. I mean, I've been pregnant for like FOREVER...what is 5 extra days in the whole scheme of things? So, I decided to move my induction date to the next day my doc is on call, which happens to be September 1st. This date sits much better with me, for it allows baby girl to bake until full term (August 31st) and only be induced 1 day overdue. If she wants to be an escape artist and make her way into the world before the induction, it's on HER time and not MY time. And, I will know that she was ready to come out before her due date.

So, while, this decision resonates well with my brain, my body is disagreeing. It knows I must be crazy and self destructive. I had another full day of contractions again last Friday (and what IS it about Fridays? They are my crazy contraction days), and they basically did NOTHING for progressing labor. I was still only dilated 1 1/2 cm when checked on Monday. Ugh. My body is tired and ready to go...

However, sitting at home on weekends and my days off of work make it far worse. These days drag out SO LONG and I can feel my pregnant body screaming to be done with it all. So, work days tend to go faster. However, I am also much more tired and some days are like a huge chore to get through. I had originally said I would work through this Friday and then be done, but if I'm being induced a week and a half later, I can't imagine sitting at home BORED for 12 whole consecutive days, twiddling my thumbs. So, I decided to tentatively work until Friday the 27th...yep I am choosing to work until 39 1/2 weeks. I know I am certifiable, but hey, it's only 3 days a week (Mon, Tue. & Fri.) and my hours are super flexible. And, like I said, these days go FASTER for me, even though they are tiring.

So, as of today, the countdown stands at 14 days or less.

That means:

- 56 fingers stabs to draw blood to test my sugars, or less

- 14 more insulin shots, or less

- 14 more restless nights of sleep, or less

- 14 more days of aching heartburn, or less

- 14 more days of mad carpel tunnel syndrome, or less

And, THE MOST important of all (and what keeps me going)...

- 14 more days or less until I meet our sweet baby girl :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Latest Belly Pic

I have not taken many of these this time around...mainly because I documented my belly through pregnancy #1, but vainly, as it did the first time around... my face has swollen to a ridiculous size and I currently have 2-3 chins and a huge nose and lips. Everything went back to normal (thank goodness) after Brett was born, so I am counting on the same thing happening this time.

But, I've had people ask for a recent picture, and I also don't want baby girl to feel like I didn't get any belly shots of her when I was preggers with here is my 37 week belly in all of it's glory :).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ultrasound #4

I guess the only perk to having gestational diabetes is that they perform multiple ultrasounds to monitor the growth of your baby. So, I got to have ultrasound #4 today.... Steve and Brett were there as usual. We got to have the always fun sneak peak at our little bundle of joy :).

Good news is that she isn't TOO big...she is measuring an estimated 6 lbs 12 oz (which is in the 63rd percentile), and all of her stats seem to be encouraging. Her amniotic fluid level is good, the placenta is healthy, the umbilical cord looks good, and her liver is functioning. She is also head down, which I knew, but it was good to see the pics to confirm it.

I, of course, had another NST after this was over (as I have 2 of these per week) and it looked good as it always has so far.

I asked the NP about delivery and it sounds like they may schedule me for August 27th for an induction. Of course, that's all subject to change, but it's nice to see the end in sight!!

Pics of baby girl cuteness below :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So I haven't been on here in a few days to update.

This is what has happened since my last post... the following Friday after my crazy contractions, I had another Friday full of contractions. Per my doctor, they weren't hard enough to make me loose my breath in pain so I didn't do anything. I went to sleep that night and they went away the next morning. This past week, I've had little bouts of contractions on and off, but they have eventually all gone away.

My last doctor visit was Thursday and they checked me. I am at 1 1/2 cm dilated but not effaced. However, the baby has dropped. I went from measuring 1 week ahead (37 weeks) to a few behind (34 1/2) in the course of about 2 days. I thought the baby dropped a few weeks ago because my belly looked different, but no, it's definitely different now. I watched my belly shrink over about a day this week. I look far less pregnant than I did a week ago, but man, does it ever feel like I am waddling more as the baby has settled low into the birth position (and she is head down, which is great news in and of itself).

But besides that, I am really tired and bored of pregnancy. I look at the calendar and wonder how I can speed up time. We've gotten everything in order....we're mentally prepared to bring a new life into the world...I'm just SICK of being pregnant. I know it's not quite a year, the whole process, but it feels like much more than that. There are still cool points to it though... like 2 nights ago, Steve and I were chilling and watching TV and I was able to catch her little foot (I think it was her heel) as it was moving near the top of my belly. Steve grabbed it too, and I think he thought it was pretty awesome. Makes me excited to be able to hold her soon.

The diabetes thing is irritating more than anything... I've learned to deal with it and now that it's routine it's no big deal. There are times where I REALLY want like a huge brownie sundae or a huge plate of mac n cheese, but I've been able to either ignore my cravings, or make things from a low carb website that I found that somewhat take care of them. Best news is that I've still hardly gained any weight this pregnancy. I doubt I'll make it to the final weight I reached with Brett at this point (which is a good thing, trust me!).

And, speaking of which, this weekend when I was pregnant with Brett was the last weekend I was pregnant. Yep, they induced me right at 37 weeks because of my pre-eclampsia, and I am just a couple days shy of reaching that 37 week milestone this time. I guess that makes me more antsy than anything, but I am just trying to take it day by day.