Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Brett Could Spend His Entire Day

Brett really really LOVES our office chair! He started spinning it a few months ago and now he can practically run around in circles with it. He's usually more animated and laughing and well "spinny", but I can never get the best video because he's always aware of the camera.

It's still cute though! (In my unbiased mommy opinion).

Oh, and his shirt? It says "100 Acre Entourage". I'm not a Pooh fan, but I love the show Entourage so I couldn't pass this one up!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Haircut

Today we took Brett in to get his very first haircut! I've seen alot of postings lately of babies who had their first haircut and hated it.. Brett in fact, loved it! Maybe it was because he was seated in a cool car and got to play with the steering wheel? I don't know, but he had fun with it for sure!

I was a little disappointed, because the Cookie Cutters we went to had their printer down, so we couldn't get the "first haircut" package, which included a certificate and picture... but I had my camera and we got a lock of his hair, so it was okay anyway...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Having a Mellow Day

In between all of the craziness that has been my life lately, I am taking a mellow day to kind of chill out and be lazy.

Hence, the pics of Brett. I realize that I am majorly slacking in posting new picks of Bman. He has grown sooo much, and I don't even notice HOW much until I look at these pictures. Just amazing!

We have started watching the Baby Einstein sign language DVD (thanks, Cathy). I've been big on NOT having the t.v. on while Brett plays, but I've re-nigged this decision and have started to put this on repeat in the background. Will he catch on? Who knows, but I'm trying. I'm afraid that 13 months might be too late, but it's worth a shot I guess.

Oh, and we had 3 showings last weekend. Not a one panned out, but we have one showing tomorrow night that I am hopeful for. I think we are also going out house "shopping" again this weekend. It's too early to get attached to any one house, but hey, we have to find out what's out there and what we like and such.

Here's hoping that we can move by the end of the summer!

And, here are the new pics of Brett... I know I have to say it, cuz I'm his mommy, but I think he's such an adorable kid :).

Friday, May 15, 2009

That Which Does Not Kill Me (Pt. 2)

I need a break, so I am writing a quick post. Currently my head is spinning, I am weak, and I'm afraid I'm going to fall over.

In a nutshell, that cold I mentioned the other day? Yeah, it's way worse... I was running a temp of 100.5 this morning and it hasn't gone done after checking it 10 minutes ago. I feel pains running up and down my body and weakness all over. My head is so plugged up I can't smell (even with Sudafed and Mucinex) and I have a major headache. I REALLY want to lie down...

But what did I do today? I went to work in the morning to make sure that I was caught up (I don't work Wed & Thurs). I was planning to leave at noon to come home and rest before I got my baby, but alas this did not occur. We haven't had a showing in over a week, and I've been sick, so I let the housework fall where it may... guess who called me at 10:00 a.m.? Yep, the agency... we have a showing from 6-7 p.m. I quickly got done and work and made it home in time to eat chicken broth and saltines and start my chores. My head was spinning so bad after bringing the vacuum up the stairs, I decided to break for 10 minutes... if anyone reads this blog within the next hour or two, please pray that I don't pass out and die!!!

If these people hate my house I think I'm going to curl up in a corner and cry.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Like An Angel"

There is a lot of irony as I post this...

Last night Brett screamed and cried and didn't sleep ALL night... the only way he did sleep was by coming into bed with us at 1 a.m., which of course made it hard for ME to sleep! So, we basically didn't get any sleep last night... that coupled with this nasty head cold I've developed isn't very fun. And, like Ree, Brett and I had an early morning at the VW dealership for my 25,000 mile service. Trying to keep a fussy baby occupied in the showroom when he kept wanting to wander off to the cars and the salesmen and everyone was challenging (and, remember I got no sleep last night).... we did finally get Brett excited by walking around the new car lot. I think he wants a Routan because he liked looking in the windows. I'd be about trading in the bug for a VW bus if they ever came out with those again, but I don't know about the Routan... it's not VW cute or quirky... it's more boring mini van... but it's going to take me having more than 2 kids, I'm afraid, to part with my beloved Beetle.

Anywho, to the point of this post... yesterday morning Brett spent the last couple of hours of sleep in bed with me (like he normally does)... I woke before him and managed to snap this picture... he really does look so sweet while he sleeps!!

And then, after the click of the shutter... this is how Brett's day began...

I am praying he sleeps tonight... I need some for sure!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Silly Boys

Brett is not napping for me today, so I am fighting my frustration of dying to take a shower by writing a blog post while he plays fussily around me...

As I said before I'm out of creative ideas and have generally been tired and cranky (like Brett right now, hey!)... so I stole some pics from Cathy (well she sent them to me so I guess it's not "stealing per se")... Cathy I apologize if you were going to use these... I just haven't taken any of B man in awhile.

Anyway, Brett and I went to visit Cathy and her boys Chris and baby Sam on Thursday... Chris and Brett decided to be goofy with a scarf and hat set that Cathy knitted...

See, Brett... first you put one side up like this...

Then you wrap the other around like this....

And, now you are warm!!! (Even though it's all of 72 degrees out today)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That Which Does Not Kill Me...

I feel as though I need to write a post to let everyone know that I'm still alive!

Yes, I am and have been so busy that by the time I have enough minutes to post a blog I am completely wiped out and I have no creative energy left in my body. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time if this is the most boring post I've ever written.

Remember when about a month ago I said that getting the house ready was taking it all out of me? Now it's the shows! We got our first show last Thursday and it hasn't stopped. Today, in fact, I have two. Showing a house makes me wish I'd never owned dog... (well, not really, I do love my dogs, but their hair is a nightmare to keep hidden during shows).. constant vaccuuming and swiffering. I just hope this thing goes fast because with traffic like this we can't continue without going insane.

Lots of other stuff going on too, but I don't have the energy to type it all out. One day, I'll get around to telling you again about all of the cute stuff Brett has been up to! :) Just know that I'm still alive!