Friday, March 27, 2009

Ole' Blue Eyes

He's getting sooo big!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reunited. And it feels so good...

Last week Brett got to reconnect with an old flame.

My friend Julie was back in town. If you recall in an old post, she is a HS friend who moved to Alabama. She still comes up once a year or so and when we got together in Oct. 07 we found out we were both preggers and due at literally the same time. I was due May 5th and she was due May 3rd. Well, as it turned out, Julie's daughter Phoebe was born on Brett's due date! (Whereas Brett was born 3 weeks early).

We first got the kids together last July at Chuck E Cheese, so that Phoebe's older sisters could play, while Julie and I were able to catch up (and let our kiddos meet). This is about as interactive as Brett and Phoebe were back then...

Well, this is what they were like last Thursday....

Hey Phoebe, it's been awhile... I must admit I'm a little nervous...

Wow, you can stand? I can stand TOO!!!... (hmm... this is a good ice breaker).

And, yep I have feet like you too. This is fun! We should really do this more often...

Next time they get together I'm sure they'll be chasing each other! And, they may or may not have cooties :).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Spaghetti Incident

Bonus points if you got the above-mentioned GNR reference.

Brett had his first meal of spaghetti with his mommy and daddy tonight! As you may have guessed, this resulted in some pretty messy clothes and Brett got to hang out in his diaper for a little bit before his bath.

These pics show just how skinny he is (and yes, he DOES eat... like a horse!)

Being nearly naked is so freeing.

I like to wear my dinner on my face!

Guess which parent I got these super long arms and legs from?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Bracketology - The Movie!

See my previous post below... this is the video to accompany it. It was originally 5 minutes, but I think you can get the gist from the small clip....

Baby Bracketology

Okay, I have been wanting to write this post for a day now, but I seem to be hitting all kinds of roadblocks on uploading my video. Both blogger and youtube don't want to accept my video and I've trimmed it down to all of 45 seconds. Well, we'll see if the video decides to load or not, but I'll make my post anyway....

So, the time of year has come to make bracket picks. Of all sports, I have a little bit of interest in college basketball. Some years I have an idea of what teams are doing well. Others (like this year for example, when my energy is spent on a baby), I don't. So, I decided to come up with a strategy for picking my brackets this year. I, as a loyal Butler alumni, decided to pick my alma mater to go all the way...

I then let Brett make the rest of the picks. It wasn't easy to get his opinion. We had to take several breaks in between. Ways in which we collected his data ranged from asking him and deciphering what he said, to having him point to a team to putting two toys in front of him and letting him pick. Yeah, super scientific. But it was fun... and if we do well this year in our joint bracket, it's proof that who will win the tourney is truly anyone's guess!

So, go BU!

(screw the stupid video... if it decides to upload by Christmas I'll post it!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where I'm Pouring My Blood Sweat and Tears

As I sit writing this blog, I am fondly reminded of how I felt approximately 5 years ago when I said "We're never. moving. again. ever." I think I uttered that phrase as we were in the thick of unloading boxes into our new home and I was flat out exhausted.

Well, times change, and priorities change. And houses that once seemed "so big", can seem "so small". When Steve and I bought our first house 5 years ago we were in our early (okay mid, but whatever) 20's. We didn't have kids and Steve was still in grad school. So, we bought a house that was perfect for us at the time. It was cute and charming with 2 bedrooms, a loft and a huge cathedral ceiling. We put a fence in for the dogs and called it home. I loved our house (in fact I still do love it... if we didn't have kids, I think I could live there happily for several more years). The two big things I didn't like about it were 1. because of the high ceiling, it can be tricky to heat in the winter, and 2. There is really not much space for storage. But again, it was such a cute floorplan, so cozy, a quiet neighborhood, super close to Castleton without the hassle... I could go on...

Welll, as I said, priorities change. And with this cute floorplan comes a loft with a huge railing that scares me to death every time Brett approaches it (yes, we have installed a railnet), and no big open spaces for him to play. Also, there is NO room for all of his toys... and I have a feeling that if we have to stay, we'll have to build a separate playroom just for him. So, what to do? Yep, put the house on the market.

I had been marinating on this idea for awhile now, but I kind of had to sell it to Steve, I think. See, as I said before, with me going down to part time, our income was cut by 1/3, so even though we need more space, we realisticly don't have the money to afford much more house. I know. A pickle. And we love Fishers. I mean LOVE. It is a great area to raise a family, the schools are wonderful and it is close enough to Indy but right on top of 69 for Steve's trip up to Muncie. So, yes, we want to stay in Fishers. And, you don't get quite as much house for the $$ in Fishers (well, that's on average... I've been combing through the listings and have found some that don't follow this rule).

So, about a month ago we called our realtor and talked with him about selling. We've never been on this end so we had a flood of questions for him... but it seems like even though the market is bad, they are still seeing sales in Fishers. We then set up a meeting with our mortgage broker and talked with her... we had no problems getting approved for the best rates, so that was good. And, shortly after our realtor came to our house to get an idea of what he'd be selling and go over things with us that we needed to fix up.

Then, Steve and I had to actually DO something. We made our list... it seemed daunting, but we decided to break it up piece by piece. We got an estimate for carpet/vinyl last week and started the touch up painting this past weekend. Next weekend is our bedroom. That will be a huge project, and I know it will be the death of me, but I'm trying to be positive about this. Still so much to do... I was already exhausted with our shopping/painting/assessing/light packing this weekend. Plus, we are deep into our mini marathon training which also takes up a siginificant portion of the weekend. And, we have a baby, which cuts our work in half. Luckily my parents are going to hang out with Brett next Saturday so that Steve and I can knock as much out as we can.

Last night I was literally EXHAUSTED. My feet HURT. I couldn't think anymore... I went to bed early.

Our goal is to have the house ready late April/early May. Wish us luck! Oh, and if you know someone who wants to buy a "super-cute" house in Fishers, I'd love to talk to them!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where's Wald... er... Brett?

Here's a fun game for today...

See if you can find the baby hiding in the picture!

Hint, he's not wearing a sock (sorry... no striped scarf or glasses).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...Who's The Cutest Baby Of Them All???

This is day two of the Brett film festival (and I'm not sure if there will be a day 3... stay tuned).

I couldn't help myself but to grab my camera once he started playing with the baby in the mirror.

Once again, he is a one socked boy wonder.

If you watch this video with an eagle eye, you will notice the disheveled Value City bedroom furniture we purchased just 6 or 7 years ago... what a way to throw away $$. Anyway, that's not the point of the video though....


Monday, March 9, 2009

Goofin' In The Car

What is there to do when you have to entertain yourself on a boring car ride up or down 65? Take a video of course!

Until we turn his car seat around next month, I'll usually sit in the back of Steve's car with Brett so he has someone to talk to other than himself. We like to goof around...

As you will notice, Brett decided that he may have a career as a cinematographer, as he did not want to give up "creative control" of this video.

DISCLAIMER: Please ignore the peaches on his face... I didn't realize how bad they were until I watched this. Sometimes he decides to wear his food instead of eat it :).

Also, the bare foot is all his doing... it's a struggle to keep socks on the kid as he thinks it's a game to take them off!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cute Baby Ad Campaign

Okay, so the new mannequin ad campaign for Old Navy is just stupid... they need a better idea... namely 2 cute babies!

What's really funny about this scenario is that when Tina and I were roommates at Butler all of those years ago, we have a knack for dressing the same every couple of days... totally unplanned. Now it seems as if Brett and Evan have caught the bug too.

Yes - Brett, mommy & daddy went to visit Evan and his family over the weekend. Like at an earlier visit we sat them on a chair together... this time Brett was much more wiry and wanted to get off. He kept lunging towards Evan too, which I think freaked Evan out because he's not used to anyone smaller than he is!

Overall, they did pretty well together.. even though Evan was a little wigged out by Brett taking his toys, he was still nice about it :)

Evan, can I please play with your big boy toys?

You're my bud.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lookout World!

Here comes Brett!

And, he's not deterred by the dogs at all...

Such a big boy (sigh)...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Extreme Closeup

Just having some fun on a cold Sunday afternoon..

Hey mom, whatcha got in your hand?

Just chillin' here on mom's legs

Oh yeah, I'm cool...

....yet thoughtful....

...but most important... cuddly!