Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Vacation: Part 2 - Going Swimming

Another fun part of our trip (well, maybe "fun" is pushing it a little bit) was introducing Brett to the swimming pool. I went out and bought this $15.00 little floaty thing that you can put your baby/toddler in. It's kinda like a raft to introduce them to the water. Brett did NOT like this at all... so as with a lot of baby items I've purchased, it will go on to wait for future siblings.

The day before I took these pictures, Steve's mom and I introduced Brett to the pool while Steve was fishing. I didn't have my camera. so these were from day 2 of testing the water. Day 1 didn't go so well... Brett, after seeing what it was all about decided that he'd rather walk around the pool and tell us all about it.

Day 2 was similar, but Steve had a bit more success...

I'm hopeful that next summer he'll be less afraid of the water and will want to splash and play like a normal kid :).

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Farmerspice said...

Hey carrie, check your local YMCA schedule, they do offer toddler swimming classes and he could learn over the winter and love it i bet. Glad you had fun!