Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I Love Empire Waisted Clothing

So here it is. Yep, I'm pregnant.

I actually found out that I was pregnant, literally the very same week that I got my job promotion. It went something like this:

Tuesday – Job Promotion

Friday – Holy crap, I'm pregnant! (Those were the actual words I think I used when I saw the positive test).

I woke up Steve with the positive pregnancy test.. "Honey, I think you should wake up now, there's something I have to tell you". In retrospect, maybe that wasn't the best way to get him to start the day, because he couldn't concentrate on anything else all day (and neither could I) and we had to drive to Chicago and get ready and all. We definitely forgot a few things.

Anyway, I found out on August 24th and have been keeping it (mostly) to myself for the past month. Not too big of a problem at first. Well, except for clothing (and as I eluded to in my title – have you shopped the juniors department lately? All of the fall styles are empired waisted! I can actually have a fashionable pregnancy). For those who have never been pregnant before… certain parts of your body also begin to expand rather rapidly (and no, I'm not necessary talking about the belly).

Besides that, I was tired and then about 2-3 weeks ago the dreaded morning sickness kicked in. And I'm not talking morning, I'm talking an all day nausea that DOES NOT go away. Yeah, good times when I'm busy as heck at work.

On a side note, re-referencing my work, I was seriously worried for awhile about my stress level affecting my baby. The stress is slowly diminishing, and I hope that it continues to do so.

So, all that said… I had my first doctor appointment today. I had no idea what to expect, and we talked the nurses' ear off for an hour, but she gladly answered all of my questions. The highlight? We got an ultrasound! Since we are going on a cruise here in a few days, they wanted to make sure the baby had a heartbeat before we got out of the country. So, we got to see and hear the heartbeat via ultrasound, as well as see the little "bean" in my body. Seriously. This little thing is about the size of a kidney bean (I'm about 8 weeks along), but it still has a beating heart and is developing all of it's major organs and everything. How seriously cool is that?

Everything checked out normal, and the baby's heartbeat was 168 (which, according to my mother "sounds like a girl") based on the fast heartbeat. I don't care. As long as it's healthy!

So, that's my month in a nutshell. I'm soooo ready to be relaxing on the boat and walking through the sand in Mexico. This cruise will be totally different than the one we took in February (no booze and no bikini, plus we are going with our friends Rick & Tina), but I'm looking forward to it I think, even more!