Saturday, April 12, 2008

So - This Is It!

Since yesterday morning I feel like my life has kicked into overdrive.

(And, BTW- yes we got our new computer in... the timing couldn't have been better!)

To catch up, I went to the doctor last Friday (the 5th) and she told me that I was developing pre eclampsia and put me on bed rest. At that point just my blood pressure was high, and I was retaining water. So I went home and rested. Tuesday I had an ultrasound and doc visit and things really hadn't changed. Yesterday, well, things changed.

The first thing they always do is have you pee in a cup and check all of your levels. I was reading high in protein (which is very very bad). This means that my pre eclampsia had become elevated during the week and now I was getting into dangerous territory.

So, the doctor checked me out (still high blood pressure and all) and determined that she would need to induce. Since I'm almost full term (I hit 37 weeks on Sunday), Brett should be okay. Okay... I figured I'd go early. I'd predicted 4-20 as his due date! But still I wasn't quite prepared THIS early. I explained that my baby shower was the 12th (today) and she thought that we could probably induce tomorrow night (the 13th). BUT - they were getting pretty full and if she couldn't get me in Sunday she was going for Friday. Yeah, literally. She would induce me THAT VERY NIGHT. Okay, trying not to freak out here...

She then put a fetal monitor on me and monitored Brett's heartbeat for about 1/2 an hour. Everything checked out okay and she sent me home - letting me know she'd call and let me know what the plan would be.

I then proceeded to call my poor hubby who very quickly wrapped up his work day and got home (and I honestly feel bad - he's got a really busy week next week and he having someone cover it all for him now). I called my mom who was getting ready to put the shower on hold if needed, too.

Then, at around 3:00 the doc called and let me know we were a "go" for Sunday. THANK GOD! I've never in my life treasured 2 extra days than I do right now! So, we took a breath and went out to dinner.. probably our last one as a DINK couple. I figured we might as well, since it would be forever until we got to do it again.

So, the shower is today and then hopefully it's a mad dash to set everything up, launder the new clothes, make a last minute Babies R Us run and finish packing my bag. Oh, and "get a good night's sleep tonight" according to the doc. I am hoping I can. I'm going to have to make Steve do a lot of this stuff for me anyway, since I really shouldn't be very active right now.

Plus, it is going to be a long and drawn out labor... I am not even dialated, and it will take awhile for it to happen. And, because of this, my chance for a C-section has risen to 40%. So, we'll see what will happen. At this point, what will be will be. It's out of my hands now!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Just a quick update....

I have been MIA from the internet since Friday, and the only reason I have access is because I am using it at my parents house.

Kind of sad, because I have so much more to blog about before my baby is born! I'm still on bedrest so it's not like I get out much.

Our computer officially died last Monday and we thought "no big deal". Well, no big deal for Steve, but since I've been away from work I haven't had access to anything except for through my mobile phone! It sucks. And, I can't blog on this site through the internet on my phone!

So, our new computer should arrive the week of April 20th... we ordered it from Dell. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will come before then.

Otherwise, unless I visit my parents again, this might be the last time I get to blog in awhile :(. I'll try, though, really. So, keep checking back!

Updates with the baby... we had another ultrasound on Tuesday morning. He is so big it's amazing. I don't have the pics to post right now but he's a little chunk with lots of hair. They estimate him to be around 6 lbs 11 oz (give or take a lb). So, I'm guessing he's about 7 lbs right now.

We're excited, and needless to say... especially since I'm so landlocked, I'm ready to have this baby!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Maybe I should submit this to a scientific journal

This is another blog that I wrote almost 2 years ago, and I just had to re-visit it today after the New Kids announced on the Today show that they were back together, releasing an album and going on tour.....

Once again, it has nothing to do with pregnancy, but who cares?

This may be the most insightful ground breaking theory ever written in a blog.

Or it may be the worst.

My money is on the latter… but it's still a fun idea.

So, ever since the girlfriends I've grown up with have picked their husbands (and well, I guess the men had some input here too), I started to develop a theory about why they chose who they chose.

Keep in mind, these are girlfriends I've known since the beginning of time (or at least since first grade or so).

I call it "The NKOTB Principle".

Yes, you can stop blushing if you already know what NKOTB stands for. (And, on a side note, why oh why is everyone my age so embarrassed to say they liked the group… we were kids for heavens sakes when they were popular, we didn't need bands with great musical ability or insightful lyrics to love when we were like 11).

Basically, I think that around the time we were all in 5th grade, when the New Kids became popular, it coincided with the moment we realized that boys weren't icky… they were actually - dare I say it, cute?

So, my friend "J" (names have been changed to protect the innocent) had a thing for Donnie.. he was her favorite New Kid. Later on into jr. high and high school she had a thing for "bad boys", and ended up marrying a stocky sandy haired guy.

My friend, "T" loved Joey (as did like 90% of the girls at my grade school) and ended up marrying her high school sweetheart, who was a genuinely nice guy and had kind of a baby face.

I, on the other hand loved Jordan. I had posters plastered all over my wall of the beautiful and sexy Jordan Knight. I was going to be the mother of his children, but um, that kind of, um, changed. No, my husband may not be a clone of Jordan (and, sorry honey, really, if you are reading this and you are embarrassed), but he is tall dark and handsome with olive skin and dark eyes.

Steve will probably kill me for posting this, but come on.. you have to admit there is a similarity here!

I probably have other examples. Maybe pure coincidence? But, I wonder if there is some ounce of truth to this whole crazy idea.

Friday, April 4, 2008

It doesn't always go as planned

So, I just got back from the doc. I had gone Tuesday and they were concerned about my blood pressure so they needed me to come back in today. After unsuccessfully lowering my blood pressure, they let me know that I am pre-eclamptic and I need to take it easy until I have the baby.

I was planning on working until the 18th. I WANTED to work until my due date, but I've been so exhausted I figured the 18th was good. Now, this is my last day. Kind of trippy, I know. Luckily, I have been pre-planning things, so I kind of have things together, but I need to spend today getting all of my ducks in a row. Because I won't be back until June 30th!

It sounds though like they may induce early if needed. My doc actually doesn't think I'll make it to my shower (on the 12th). Which is kind of crazy. Right now I'm close to 36 weeks, so I'm ALMOST full term. Man, next week I could be a mommy! Crazy, huh?

Well, I am planning on taking it easy and staying off my feet and just hoping that I can make it to my shower. Actually, our schedule would work out fine if Brett comes on the 18th or later, because my shower's the 12th and then we meet the pediatrican on the 17th. But, as I learned today, it's not on my schedule.

So, I guess we just wait and see....