Thursday, July 23, 2009

15 Months Old!

Two posts... two days in a row!!! This has to be some sort of recent record for me.

Before I go into the meat of my post, let me share a link...

Cathy's Post of FairOaks Farms

She did a MUCH better job describing our experience than my quick jot of a blog yesterday. Cute pictures of little boys running wild also included...

Okay, so today after another fun day at the zoo with friends (Amy and her girls, Andrea and her girls, Suellen, Alicia and Parker and Krysten, her hubby and Sadie), we packed up and left a little early to get to Brett's 15 month doctor appointment.

No pics to attach today, but I am sharing the stats...

Still tall as ever....32 3/4 inches (88%)

Still SKINNY as ever... 21 1/2 lbs (10%)

And, finally his head has grown more proportionate to his body... it's now in the 48%.

This all makes sense... he just went through a massive growth spurt where he imbibed entire kids meals and restaurants. No joke. Sides and all.

The only thing we need to work on is verbal. For all of his chatting, he only has 3 words I can understand. He may be saying more in his "toddlerese" that I don't get yet, but he should have 5-15 by now. Although Steve thinks he says more.

Anyway, that's all for now.. I'll try to check in again sooner rather than later :).

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Cathy said...

I must thank you, your post prompted me to finish that essay. Also, don't freak about words yet, boys are slower to start, but keep plugging the signs, seriously one day it will click. The next thing you know, overnight he'll leap from 15 words to 150. Seriously, in 6 mos Chris went from 5-150.