Friday, August 28, 2009

State Fair Day

One other event that happened this month was our trip to the state fair. As we did not go last year (Brett was like 4 months old and we didn't think he'd get too much out of it), this was Brett's first trip. We decided to go on a weekday to avoid most of the crowds, but it was still incredibly hot. Well, Steve may disagree, but I've been feeling not so well lately, and I'm easily overheated.

We enjoyed all of the fair food. I had a ribeye sandwich, a milkshake, and Steve and I split some of the amazing Wisconsin Fried Cheese. Steve also had a turkey leg. I had intended to get my divine deep fried Snickers, but it was so incredibly hot, I couldn't image anything else fried, so that's where the milkshake came in.

The midway wasn't a stop for us this year as Brett was a little small to ride the rides, but we did make a lap around the fair without riding the tractor. Along the way we stopped in the DNR building, the old timey barn, the butterfly garden, and all of the other touristy things.

We also stopped in many of the buildings (including the agriculture building where Brett saw the huge pumpkins) and the animal barns where Brett got to hang with the animals. He really got on pretty well with one of the horses in the horse barn, and it would have presented a good photo op, but leave it to me to forget to take a pic of the moment.

Anyway, here are a few photos of cuteness of the day..

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