Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun With Words

Remember how I said last month that I was a little worried about Brett's verbal abilities?

Needless to say, I am not worried in the least anymore. His vocabulary has seemingly exploded within the past month (well, exploded for a 16 month old anyway).

He'd had "mama" "dada" and "hot" down, but I hadn't really felt he had a firm grasp of any other words per se. Now I can't keep track of them. Here's the latest...

"Ahh - pen"- this means "open", as in containers holding the item which Brett wants removed. It also applies to doors. And on that note...

"Sigh" - Short for "side" or "outside". When Brett wants to go outside, he walks to a door and holds the handle and says "sigh".

"Ba ba" - This means "ball". Pretty self explanitory, and Steve thinks he said "fa ball" for football (I say wishful thinking on his part :))

"Woo woo" - What Brett says when you ask him what sound a doggie makes.

"Bock" - Not quite sure what this means, but he seems to say it quite often. I thought for a minute it meant "milk", but it seems to apply to much more than that.

"Shash" - or some variation of... this is when he is talking to our dog Sasha.

"Dee dee" when he's talking about our dog, Sydney

"Gock" - this is the word for "dog"

"Yuck" - or kind of an "ick" sound.. means yucky. Usually when talking about trash.

"Dock" - sock

And, the most disturbing/funny thing he has started to say as of late is "uck", with empahsis on the "k". He will put a number of vowels in front of it, and lately his favorite one is "f". He's been dropping f-bombs all over the place within the past couple of days. I think he's just experimenting with different sounds, but I've had to bite my tounge to keep from laughing and encouraging him. It's all too funny. My greatest fear is for him to scream it out when we are in a public place.

But beyond what he can say, Brett has also been responding to questions. If I ask him to get me my phone, a book, a ball or even a doggie (he rooted around for a stuffed animal) he will get that for me. My dad even told him that "they were going outside and were going to ride the golf cart" (a side note: Brett LOVES riding on the golf cart at my parents house)... so Brett walked all the way out to the barn and found the golf cart. And, he's getting easier to understand when he wants something (well, not perfect, but better anyway). We didn't make it too far with the baby sign language thing, but he'll let us know when he wants his milk by standing in front of the refrigerator and holding the handle, and he even let my mom know when he had a wet diaper by rooting around in the diaper bag, pulling a clean one out and handing it to her.

Pretty smart kid if I do say so myself!!! :)


Andrea said...

Sounds like he's a little smartie! :) Maybe "bock" is "block"?

amypfan said...

Child genius, clearly. Now if he'd just quit swearing at you.... :)

Speaking of baby words for which we have no translation, Shay asks daily for "mee-mo," and we have no idea what that is. We have determined that it's not Nemo, but have no ideas beyond that. Makes me feel like a bad mommy to not be able to give her whatever it is that she's asking for so insistently!