Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Buddy and Me

I'm trying to catch up here (like I usually am doing when I write a blog these days!).

So, anyway, Tina and Evan came down a couple of weeks ago. She was still on summer break (lucky teacher!), so they planned to come during my 2 days off one week to check out the Indy Zoo. For the time Tina and I have spent together this summer, our boys really hadn't seen each other since Brett was still toddling/crawling, and that was over the spring. We were excited to see how they'd interact.

Well, they did great. They seemed to have fun at all of the animal exhibits and decided to run all over the place (as boys will do). They checked out all of the big animals (giraffes, lions - which we heard roaring, a pretty cool experience, elephants, etc.) and we even took time to see the dolphin show. Overall, it was a pretty fun day and they were both so exhausted at the end of the trip, they conked right out when they got in the car.

Hanging with the giraffes

Hey, Evan, wait for me!

So, whaddaya think of these rhinos? Pretty cool, huh?

Mom, mom... let's go! There's so much more to see and do!

Passed out on the way home... note the chicken finger between the two boys on the seat. Brett was eating it on the way home and was so tired it fell out of his hand!

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