Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Bulldogs Are in the Final Four!!!

Looking back on previous posts, I'm not sure I made it clear, but most of you all already know that Steve and I are Butler Alumni. That's where we met and fell in love and all that. And, we were both in the band, specifically the basketball band. Therefore over the 4 years of our time at Butler we attended the majority of the men's basketball home games at Hinkle Fieldhouse sitting along the sidelines, playing the Butler War Song. We watched as they attended their first NCAA championship game my freshman year, and they have continued to progress and advance each year. Now, 10 years after my graduation, they've made it all the way to the Final 4, which just happens to be in Indianapolis!!!

As much as we would love to go to the game on Saturday, after seeing ticket prices, we have one little mouth to feed and another on the way, so we couldn't justify making the purchase. So, we decided the next best thing would be to attend the free open practice to the public at Lucas Oil on Friday. I figured that a lot of locals would be there to support their home team, but the attendance blew me away. I'd say at least 20,000 seats were filled to simply watch an hour long practice that consisted of mostly drills. They didn't even scrimmage. But it was electrifying just to be there with the sea of blue shirts and hearing the band play our beloved Butler War song.

And, Brett got waaayy into it, even though it wasn't a "real" game, as you can see by the cheering and clapping. I still have a feeling that he's gonna be a baller one day.

Anyway, here are pics from the event...

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Tina said...

I love that first picture of Brett cheering on the Dawgs!!