Friday, April 16, 2010

My Baby Is 2!

With all of the excitement of my last post, I didn't take the time to point out the most important part of the day yesterday... my baby boy turned 2 years old!!!!

We planned the ultrasound the same day as Brett's big day so that Steve could take the day off and spend time with us having fun and going to the doctor.

Well, we started the day by going to the zoo. We tend to go a lot admittedly because we have a membership, but he loves the zoo, so it's a great time for all. We had gorgeous weather yesterday, and with the exception of a few animals being off exhibit, it was the perfect zoo day.

We got home in time for naps and then took a couple hours to visit my doctor, and then we came back home... played in Brett's new sandbox (yes, we were going to buy him a sandbox for his birthday, but my parents have a practically brand new one that they weren't using so they gave it to us), and decided we should go out and have dinner to celebrate the big boy's birthday.

Brett doesn't quite get the concept of Chuck E Cheese yet, and his favorite food is pasta, so we figured Buca di Beppo would be a great place to go. It's kind of a fun atmosphere and it's got the food he likes so we went for it.

What we weren't prepared for was the ginormous dessert they give you at the end of your meal if you are having a birthday. The waiter said they could give Brett a cupcake. I figured that was perfect for the birthday boy. But also, remember this is Buca. It was a cupcake on steroids, so Steve and I got to split it with him.

Then home for bath and bed. I think Brett had a great 2nd birthday! More festivities to come for him this weekend :)


Suellen said...

Ha ha! Zoo and Buca's is exactly what we did for Parker's 1st birthday! (well minus the ultrasound part!). Happy Birthday, Brett!

amypfan said...

Sounds like the perfect celebration to me! Happy birthday, Brett!