Friday, May 15, 2009

That Which Does Not Kill Me (Pt. 2)

I need a break, so I am writing a quick post. Currently my head is spinning, I am weak, and I'm afraid I'm going to fall over.

In a nutshell, that cold I mentioned the other day? Yeah, it's way worse... I was running a temp of 100.5 this morning and it hasn't gone done after checking it 10 minutes ago. I feel pains running up and down my body and weakness all over. My head is so plugged up I can't smell (even with Sudafed and Mucinex) and I have a major headache. I REALLY want to lie down...

But what did I do today? I went to work in the morning to make sure that I was caught up (I don't work Wed & Thurs). I was planning to leave at noon to come home and rest before I got my baby, but alas this did not occur. We haven't had a showing in over a week, and I've been sick, so I let the housework fall where it may... guess who called me at 10:00 a.m.? Yep, the agency... we have a showing from 6-7 p.m. I quickly got done and work and made it home in time to eat chicken broth and saltines and start my chores. My head was spinning so bad after bringing the vacuum up the stairs, I decided to break for 10 minutes... if anyone reads this blog within the next hour or two, please pray that I don't pass out and die!!!

If these people hate my house I think I'm going to curl up in a corner and cry.

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Rebecca said...

I am so sorry that you are sick...hope you get better fast! Thinking about you and your family and selling that house! Everything will work out...take care of yourself