Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Brett Could Spend His Entire Day

Brett really really LOVES our office chair! He started spinning it a few months ago and now he can practically run around in circles with it. He's usually more animated and laughing and well "spinny", but I can never get the best video because he's always aware of the camera.

It's still cute though! (In my unbiased mommy opinion).

Oh, and his shirt? It says "100 Acre Entourage". I'm not a Pooh fan, but I love the show Entourage so I couldn't pass this one up!


Rebecca said...

Sometimes they make you wonder why in the world we spend money on toys...very cute.
I see Brett has the same problem with his pants as Henry :)

Kathleen said...

Just wait until he can climb onto the chair by himself - one of Emily's favorite pastimes is to climb onto our office chair and spin around in circles as fast as she can!

Oh, and I love the talking that Brett does - too cute!

Good to see you the other night - I'm sorry we didn't get to talk much!

Andrea said...

I love Entourage as well! We don't get HBO so we just wait for them to come out on DVD but they are great.