Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Like An Angel"

There is a lot of irony as I post this...

Last night Brett screamed and cried and didn't sleep ALL night... the only way he did sleep was by coming into bed with us at 1 a.m., which of course made it hard for ME to sleep! So, we basically didn't get any sleep last night... that coupled with this nasty head cold I've developed isn't very fun. And, like Ree, Brett and I had an early morning at the VW dealership for my 25,000 mile service. Trying to keep a fussy baby occupied in the showroom when he kept wanting to wander off to the cars and the salesmen and everyone was challenging (and, remember I got no sleep last night).... we did finally get Brett excited by walking around the new car lot. I think he wants a Routan because he liked looking in the windows. I'd be about trading in the bug for a VW bus if they ever came out with those again, but I don't know about the Routan... it's not VW cute or quirky... it's more boring mini van... but it's going to take me having more than 2 kids, I'm afraid, to part with my beloved Beetle.

Anywho, to the point of this post... yesterday morning Brett spent the last couple of hours of sleep in bed with me (like he normally does)... I woke before him and managed to snap this picture... he really does look so sweet while he sleeps!!

And then, after the click of the shutter... this is how Brett's day began...

I am praying he sleeps tonight... I need some for sure!

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Cathy said...

They are the most precious while they sleep. It's our reward, well, that and Mother's Day. That's how my days with Sam usually start too, him sleeping in my bed, me not really sleeping. Then today, he was precious giving me a whole hour nap (for the 1st time in 4 days!) of course, in bed with me. Feel better soon!