Sunday, September 14, 2008

Partners In Crime

Check these two out... pretty soon they'll be up to no good! :)

So, our little family went up to Chicago see our good friends Rick & Tina yesterday. They had last come down to visit us in June, and I TOTALLY spaced taking pictures of Brett and their son, Evan together.

This time we both took pictures. Evan is 20 months old and so much fun. Brett was watching him... learning some new tricks, I think!

Anyway, it was a great weekend. Both sets of parents got to go kid-free to Hollywood Blvd. for dinner, drinks & a movie (for the Indy crowd... it's like the beloved now-closed Hollywood Bar & Filmworks. The owners had 2 locations, Indy and Downer's Grove, IL - still open, thank goodness!). Steve & I used to go to both the Indy location and the Chicago one with them all the time before we had kids and enjoy their awesome pizza and martinis!

Tina's parents watched Evan, while we drove to Steve's parents (he's from Chicago too... and his parents are conveniently located near Downers Grove) to drop off Brett. Overall, a good evening for all involved (including the grandparents)!

Tina & I with our little "men"

Evan decided he'd be involved with the picture as long as he could hold a book. Tina carefully selected one with no "sniper on the front" - her words! :).

This picture cracked me up. It looks like Brett is pissed because Evan stole his toy! In fact, Brett was just fussy because he was in his carseat, and Evan was posing for the picture.

They'll get to see each other and size each each other up again next month when their "cool" moms go to see NKOTB!

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amypfan said...

Love it! They are just too cute together. I think we need to do another Butler group lunch for Homecoming this year and capture all the little ones together.... okay, I know they'd never all stay still long enough for that photo opp, but I'd still like to see all the mommies and daddies. :)