Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our "Other" Children

So, this blog is pretty much dedicated to Brett, Steve & myself. I realize that I haven't really posted anything about the other two members of the family... I meant to write about them before we had Brett, and how they would have to adjust to the baby and all. But, time got away from me.

But, besides mom, dad & kid - we have two pooches. Sydney is our oldest pooch (just turned 6 this year!) and Sasha is the baby (at 5). We adopted Sydney from the Humane Society right after we were married. She was a puppy and has been with us through thick and thin. She's a lab mix (they think with chow, but not sure) and is our guard dog. She's loyal... not uber friendly, but that's okay... and is always on alert, ready to pounce on any intruder.

Sasha, on the other hand, is a purebred lab that we got from a breeder (as a pup). She has been the "baby" of the family forever. Such a snugglebutt! We love her dearly, but were afraid of how she' d react once Brett got here.

Well, true to how we thought... Sydney was very "adult" about adopting Brett right in. She accepted him as part of the pack and immediately began to watch out for him.

Sasha, unfortunately reacted as we thought as well. She decided to constantly nudge between us and and Brett and we had to let her know that we loved her, but that it wasn't cool to get in between us and the baby. Well, as Brett has gotten older, he's become fascinated by Sasha. She's always coming up and I think they have been "sizing each other up". Recently, she's figured out that Brett has hands too and that he could pet her too! So, they've started becoming friends.

I took this video (unfortunately) while Steve and Brett were both wearing black, so it's hard to see the dogs. But, you can see how much Brett loves Sasha! :)


amypfan said...

This is funny--Sydney looks a lot like our dogs, Dagny and Tela, who are also 6 years old and from the Humane Society. They're lab and shepherd mixes and also have a little chow in them. Long-lost siblings??

Carrie said...

Huh, I wonder if they were! We got Sydney in September of 2002, they figure her birth date was June 29 (coincidently our wedding day!). She did come in with a litter of pups...