Monday, September 8, 2008

Okay. Seriously. For REAL?

Has anybody SEEN this news item?

(yes, I am too lazy to figure out how to post it neatly).

Seriously. On Wednesday, scientists are going to re-create the Big Bang Theory. Now I don't care if you believe in creation or evolution (as I know both camps read my blog). This ISN'T a good idea! I guess there is a very remote possibility of creating a miniscule black hole. And, according to my husband, an even remoter possibility of creating a black hole large enough to suck the entire solar system into it.

Okay, does my vote count? Because I say no. Why do like 20-30 scientists get to decide my potential fate? I know it's probably like 1 in billion... but the truth is, who REALLY knows what will happen when they re-create the conditions of the supposed creation of the universe. All I know for sure is that it's never a good idea when people start playing with atoms... splitting them and such (HELLO... does ANYONE remember Hiroshima?).

Just my two cents today... and really... I think it's a bit alarming that this story isn't front page news... it's more like a little side note. So, anyway... if there is anything big you want to do... I recommend doing it before Wednesday. Oh, and I'd hold off paying any more bills until Thursday :).

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Cathy said...

Ever read Angels and Demons?