Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He's Got A Girlfriend Now

Brett is becoming quite the popular fellow!

Last weekend, he hung out with his best friend, Evan. And, today... he went on a *gasp* date!

Erica is a friend of mine who I used to work with. She got preggers last summer, and then I got preggers, and it was fun to keep up with her and see how she was feeling and I could let her know what I was going through. She was my "pregnant friend" (I really think everyone needs one of these while they are pregnant... it's so nice to compare notes with someone who is right there with you).

Well, I haven't seen Erica since the week before she gave birth in February! I've been able to catch up with her adorable daughter, Carly, through myspace but I have never gotten to actually meet her.

So, we finally got together this afternoon at Cheeseburger In Paradise, to catch up and meet each other's babies. Again, Brett was fascinated by a person his size. Carly is very similar to Brett in that she is long and lean. (Her daddy is very tall as well!). I think they'd make a good match!

Erica with her darling daughter, Carly

Me and the little man (who had more interesting things to look at then the camera, I guess)

So shy... how do you act on a first date?

Carly is getting a little bit braver... looking to make the first move...

Uh-oh... Brett didn't see that one coming!

No, in all seriousness... Carly was just beautiful... such a sweet and adorable little girl, and Brett did have fun meeting her... hopefully we can make this a regular play date!

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amypfan said...

I was going to say that he's quite the ladies' man..... but I'm not sure if that quite rings true if he cries when a little girl kisses him. :)

Totally agree on the everybody needing a pregnant friend--you've got to have someone to sympathize with!!