Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Seem to have Misplaced my Brain....

Okay, I have always prided myself with remembering birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I’ll check my calendar from time to time, but generally know what event is coming up next and usually I’ll even have cards bought WAAYY in advance. I’m also usually very good at remembering details.

Umm… not so much anymore. Pregnancy, and post-partum have made me… more….how should I say… stupid?

I frequently find myself at a loss for words when trying to explain what I am looking for. For example, if Steve and I are cooking spaghetti for dinner…

Me: “Hey hon, can you go into the garden and get some things to put into the sauce?”

Steve: “You mean basil & oregano?”

Me: “Yeah. And can you get the noodles out of the thing to put in the thing on the stove?”

Steve: “Um, out of the cupboard to put in the pot?”

Me: “Yeah. I’ll take care of Brett, and change his whatchamacallit and put him in his bouncy thing”.

Steve: “Okay, whatever”.

Seriously. This happens all the time! I can’t remember words! I struggle to get what I mean to say out of my mouth. This is coming from someone who scored in the 90th percentile on the verbal portion of her SAT’s!

And, to top it all off, I drive one way to my parents house, and a completely different way to my house when I leave work. I either have to hit 465 north or 465 south. TWICE I’ve turned the wrong way on 465. Yesterday it was so bad that I had already hit 65 and was well on my way DOWNTOWN before I remembered (luckily it wasn’t too bad. I WAS eventually heading to my parents’ house to get Brett but I was going to stop and let the dogs out first since I was having dinner with the ‘rents. Dinner went pretty quickly so the dogs didn’t have to keep their paws crossed too long before I made it home).

Oh, and the birthdays and anniversaries? Forget about it. We’ve had so many happen this summer that we remembered literarily the day before. We made a few “oh it’s in the mail promises” (sorry families.. REALLY!), and got the cards out late. As much as I love and adore my husband, he is such an intellectual that he can be a bit scatterbrained (and he’ll be the first to admit it). Therefore, I feel we may be screwed… so if your birthday is in November, be expecting that card sometime next spring! :)


Cathy said...

Simple things go out the ear, it's just filled up with different stuff. I bet you can rattle off exactly how much Brett weighs, when his next doctor's appointment is, what that office's phone number is, and how many diapers and what he's eaten in the last 24 hours without thinking!

Anonymous said...

it's a known fact that during breastfeeding babies, in addition to sucking the milk out of you, will suck your brains out too.

Andrea said...

LOL, don't worry, eventually all that stuff will come back. I think. ;)

Farmerspice said...

well, cathy has a great explanation. my thinking is that it's just mommy brain. it never comes back. :) just an fyi. you will find a way to manage it.