Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Vacation

So, last Saturday we packed up the car (and I mean PACKED up the car... we had overflow that went into my parents truck - ah all the baby stuff!) and took our first "family" vacation. My parents had rented 3 cabins on Lake Hamlin, in Luddington, MI. My 2 brothers, their families, and my parents spent the week there. Previously we had taken family vacations to a resort in Minnesota, but it was recently sold, so we tried out Luddington. I didn't get to head out to the lake itself but just one time because Brett is still so small and nursing, but we got to enjoy a lot of the town together!

Luddington is a beautiful town situation on Lake Michigan and we were able to take lots of scenic stroller walks together along the beach and the marina. Here are pictures from when we walked out to the lighthouse and watched the ferry boat, The Badger, depart for Wisconsin.

This is what Brett got from the experience!

Brett also got to hang out with his cousin, Paige (my brother Brad's daughter). She was very careful and attentive with him! Brett seemed fascinated by her and kept watching her.

"Hey Paige, look over there!"

And, here are more pics of Brett... hanging out with daddy, reading the paper in the cabin, and with his sunhat that my mother bought him (oh, and for right now, we are calling her "the woman related to Brett"... she doesn't like the way I pronounce "grandma"... too much emphasis on the "a" and I refuse to call her "grammy" or other substitute names. The only one I'm kind of okay with is "nana" and she doesn't like that one) . Anyhoo, Brett didn't care for the sunhat all that much, but it looked cute on him!

"Daddy, I find this article about the upcoming election particularily interesting".

Overall, it was a good first family vacation. The 6 hour car ride was a bit challenging, as Brett got very bored of the carseat, and we had to stop multiple times to feed and change him. But, it was nice having all of my family there together, and "the woman related to Brett" was around to watch him a couple of times so that Steve and I could get ice cream and beer and free wi-fi at a local brewhouse (not at the same time, however.... I don't think I'd much like the combination of ice cream and beer).

But we got rested up, and I am ready to start my job! (I'll start next Monday now instead of today... it will just be easier following the holiday). I'm thankful for a few days to unpack and do laundry!


amypfan said...

Glad to hear it went well! Luddington is beautiful; our family vacations near there. And my girls have that same froggie toy that I see on Brett's carseat!

Cathy said...

We had the same frog too. Sometimes only Froggie, could pacify. Our family used to vacation in Michigan also, and we loved it. I will say Root Beer and Ice cream is a form of beer and ice cream that pleases, how lovely to get the opportunity to escape for a bit. We didn't until Chris was 6 months old.