Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brett's First Playdate

Yesterday Brett had his first playdate (if you can call it a playdate, really, considering he can't even sit up by himself yet :)).

My good friend Julie from high school was in town. She has moved to Alabama with her family, but we still keep in touch. She has two little girls, Leah and Hannah... and just had baby Phoebe!

Flash back to last October. Julie was up and we were hanging out. I thought I'd spring my exciting pregnancy news to her, and she smiled and told me she was pregnant too! In fact, her due date was May 3rd, and mine was May 5th! We kept each other updated all throughout our pregnancies, considering we were going through all the same things at about the same time.

Well, if you read my blogs, you'll know that Brett was born 3 weeks early (April 14th because of my pre-eclampsia). But, the cool thing? Phoebe was born on Brett's DUE DATE of May 5th! What a coinky dink. So, we've been anxious to get together to meet each other's new additions.

So, yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese. Although Brett and Phoebe didn't get a lot out of the fun games yet, Julie's other girls sure did!

I don't know how, with all of the flashing lights and noises... but Brett took a nap at Chuck E Cheese! He wasn't vibing with the whole play date thing at first.

But, he did decide to wake up. We put he and Phoebe together and let them "talk" for a little bit. Brett was fascinated by her.. he'd not seen anyone his size yet! I think he may have a girlfriend now :).

Julie and Phoebe. Phoebe was so snuggly and sweet! And she has big beautiful eyes!

Me with my little man. Brett was the opposite of Pheobe. He was kicking his legs like he wanted to run! I have a feeling that he'll be all over Chuck E Cheese next time we go.

Overall, it was a pretty successful first playdate. I'll be excited to get together with them next time they are in town to see how Brett and Phoebe are growing together!


Andrea said...

Awww it reminds me of that commerical where 3 moms are all sitting around eating and talking about how they should have playdates more often and it pans over to 3 babies asleep in their carseats. :)

Heather said...

I remember her! How fun!