Monday, June 30, 2008

Gimmie A Smile!

Brett has been slowly smiling more and more. However, it has been difficult to get him to mug for the camera. When we came back from a stroller walk this past week on vacation (which I will blog about soon), Brett was all smiles. He was practically giddy with joy.

I was flashing my camera like mad, and like Tyra Banks, he was working it.... (notice his adorable dimple!)

The best part? When we took him out of the seat we noticed he'd had a MASSIVE diaper blowout. It was all over his clothes and the carseat. So, yeah, he was laughing at the mess his mommy and daddy would have to clean up!


amypfan said...

I sympathize with the diaper blowout.... BOTH of my girls had them simulatenously when I was alone in the car with them on the way home from Ohio yesterday, so it was pretty rank in my car!!

LOVE the dimple--so cute!!

Cathy said...

Ahh, the joy of a good poo. I can understand that, though we never had this particular problem, Chris had an ostomy, so he would blow sky high like a fountain, or laugh at the fizzy noises.

Andrea said...

LOL well he's a boy, he's supposed to laugh at farts and poo and all those gross things! ;)

By the way, the dimples are adorable!!!

Tina said...

So cute! Look at those dimples! Gotta love those diaper blow outs!