Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You just have to see this for yourself

This has nothing to do with my life or Brett (thank GOD some of you may be thinking!).

No, this is a YouTube video of a guy named Matt who "dances badly" all over the world. Pretty crazy, funny & cool! He has a website that explains his story... Enjoy!


amypfan said...

In answer to your question about the Pampers, I was contacted through Herron Research. I've done surveys for them before, and they always compensate really well. If you're interested, I can send you their info. :)

Cathy said...

Initially, I could only think, wow, that ain't right, but when the people started joining him, and there so many, so much joy and dancing, such treasuring of the gifts of life in these places where, well it seems it hasn't been so treasured in the past, I couldn't help but get happy, and think that it actually was beautiful.