Friday, June 20, 2008

Brett Updates

I mean to update with this post earlier this week, but time got away from me.

Last Friday, Brett had his 8 week checkup (or 2 month checkup, I guess). He weighed in at 11 pounds even, and was a staggering 24 inches! He is the longest & skinniest baby I've ever seen. We actually compared these measurements to Steve's baby book, and right around the same time, Steve was 11.2 pounds and 23 1/2 inches. So Brett is right on track to be 6'4", 200 + pounds, just like his daddy!

He also had his first round of shots, which was hard for me as his mommy to watch, but he pulled through pretty well. He cried at first, and then slept for a couple of hours, but he didn't have a fever & wasn't too cranky.

Then, on Saturday Brett took his first road trip! We went up to Chicago for the first time with Brett to attend a party thrown by Steve's parents. Yes, Brett was the guest of honor. He did pretty well on the trip up, sleeping most of the way. He was a little cranky during the party, but I think he was way overstimulated - meeting lots and lots of new people and being in a new place. I snapped a picture of Brett, Steve, Steve's dad & grandpa together.... Brett is the first grandson to carry on the family name, therefore creating 4 generations.

Afterwards, Brett slept fairly well in a new environment overnight and did brunch like a pro (again, he slept).

I'm crossing my fingers that this trend continues, because very shortly we are taking a 6 hour ride to Michigan for our vacation. Last weekend was a "trial run" for the big trip!


amypfan said...

Aren't shots just awful? I always force Ben to be the one to take the girls for theirs. :)

Cathy said...

Pinning the baby down for that sort of thing IS the worst. But relish that it's over once they hit 18 months, they're good til like 5, accept for flu shots. Have save travels. May Brett continue to be angelic for you, and may you receive much relaxation on vacation, and may many other people help you change diapers.

Mandy said...

Shots are the worst. I always try and sing a little song or play a little game which works for Derek but only made Paige more mad :).
I looked at Dereks old chart and at 2 months he was 11Pounds 8 and 1/2 OZ. and 24 Inches, but I dont think he will be 6'4 200 when he gets older and if so Brad might question that LOL. See you guys Monday. I hope your trip up there tomorrow is good.

Andrea said...

I was so relieved at Hannah's 2 year appointment when they told me no more shots until age 4. I HATE SHOTS!!!