Friday, June 13, 2008

Another reason why I love summer!

Miraculously, this year we managed to get some flowers and vegetables in. Knowing that Brett's due date was May 5th, I hadn't planned to do much this summer (note: while Steve's outside duties include mowing, picking up after the dogs, trimming, fertilizing, etc., mine have always included planting and care of flowers). I pretty much told Steve that there wasn't a chance in hell I was doing it this year, so he said he would. So we put impatients in front (along with some non-stop begonia baskets), and instead of flowers in the back, Steve decided on a vegetable/herb garden. With the rising food prices, I thought it sounded like a good idea. We also have pots of my favorite flowers - pink gerbera daisies - and some pansies on our back porch. I decided to take some pics.

Brett shows us how we should all stop and smell the roses (our climbing rose bush).

Vegetables - we planted alot of stuff, experimenting to see what lives and what dies.

My beautiful magnolia trees are just starting to bloom!

Impatients. Menards - $10.67 for an entire flat. Normally we'd spend twice that at a more expensive nursery. Never again!

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Cathy said...

Congrats on pulling off a garden AND a baby within the same month! Amazing. I too love reaping the fruits of the labor, the flowers and veggies; but the weeding wears me out.