Saturday, January 17, 2009

My 9 Month Old Monkey

Okay, so you know the drill by now. We take pictures of Brett next to his bear to measure his growth. Not so easy anymore since there's so much to see and do. But, by the grace of God I managed to snap this one.

Anyway, Brett turned 9 months old on the 14th (yay!) and he had his checkup on Thursday (the 15th). Here are his stats:

Height - still off the charts! He's 30" even, which puts him in the 92nd percentile

Weight - still super skinny.. 18 lbs 1.6 ounces... 12th percentile

(I challenge anyone to tell me he's not his daddy's boy with stats like these!)

His head is still a little small, but not too bad. He's in the 28%... I usually don't keep track of that one too much.

Anyway, below are what most of the pics I took turned out like...

I am so not going to sit. That's boring and there's too much to do!

I am going to pull up on Mr. Bear and tell him a story...

(that's for next time. I got some really cute shots of him talking to his bear)


Cathy said...

I used to take Chris's pictures monthly of him on my Boppy, but yeah, by about this age, he would wiggle down into it, or away from it. I hit 12 mos, but did an 18 and 24 month shot for posterity then gave up. These boys today, they're so wily.

amypfan said...

Won't be too much longer until he's bigger than Mr. Bear!