Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bathtime is FUN Time!

I think I've posted another blog with this title, but I thought it would make more sense than "God Save The Queen" or "Bathtime Bop".. (which Steve and I think are funny, but some readers may not "get"). Anyway, I took these pictures last night while Brett was in a silly mood. It started with the mohawk, and then for the first time, Brett discovered exactly how fun it is to splash in the bath. We took away his bath seat a couple of weeks ago and now that he's taking a bath like a big boy, he can play!

And, Brett goes in for his 9 month appointment today. Yes, my baby boy turned 9 months old yesterday! I'll be sure to update with his stats later, but like Suellen, I'll reflect with pictures from his first bath, and from another early bath where we gave him a mohawk (and let me say that it took months for the kid to have enough hair to do that again!)


Cathy said...

I LOVE the mohawks!

amypfan said...

What great hair!