Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Misc. Brett Cuteness

It's amazing how much my baby boy has changed, especially in the last couple of months. Here are some of the cute things he does now...

1. He kisses. Okay, maybe it's not as graceful as it could be, but he'll grab your face and put his mouth right up to it and plant a big one.

2. He reaches for mommy and daddy. Oh, this one tugs on my heartstrings. After what seemed like forever of him not knowing the difference between us and total strangers, he'll now fuss and hold his arms open, wanting us to pick him up.

3. He gets sooo excited to see me when I pick him up. When I arrive at my mother's house to pick him up on the three days a week I work he starts jumping and giggling and smiling once he sees me.

4. He has started squinting his eyes almost shut in a huge smile. He only does this on occasion...we think he is just experimenting with different expressions, but it really is so cute. It looks like a Pokemon character.

And a couple of other things....

1. He's started eating finger foods. We bought some of those gerber puffs (which about made me have a mommy heart attack... have you read the list of ingredients?), and he's gotten very skilled at using the "pincher" grasp and putting them in his mouth.

2. We bought him a sippy cup this past weekend. After he tried one at his grandparents' in Chi-town and seemed to like it we thought we'd try it. He's already quite good at picking it up and sucking the juice out.

Again, it's amazing how he changes every day, and since he's started crawling, he acts like he wants to start pulling up.

Here are some new pictures of my big boy!

I am going to join Shay and play drums with her!

Blue eyes and a dimple... look out little girls! ;)

Sasha is the best dog in the whole world!


Andrea said...

I think everything I gave to Hannah for the first time almost gave me a heart attack. Now I'm like "don't eat that grape off the floor.... oh well, it was probably mostly clean" I imagine I won't even try to stop the next one from eating it off the floor. LOL

amypfan said...

Looks like you have your own little street musician! :) I took a very similar picture of Shay cuddling with one of our big black dogs a couple of weeks ago. I'll need to post that so you can see!