Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Official - I'm Old

So, I know that I haven't posted a blog here in awhile. Partly because of being busy, partly because of sheer tiredness. Within the past week I am barely home from work and my fatigue kicks in and I'm asleep in bed by like 8:30. I did read that being tired kicks in again in the third trimester, and I am 26 weeks along, so that does make some degree of sense.

But, to address my title, I have officially turned the big 3-0. It happened rather peacefully, without major depression or screaming on my part. I always thought that I would be depressed leaving my 20's... and I have to say starting around my 27th birthday I got more and more worried and dread kind of kicked in each year. Last year was admittedly a little rough. But this year? Not so much. I think it's because I have so much else going on in my life right now.

Anyway, I celebrated the best way I could think of as a pregnant woman. With breakfast at the best pancake house around with my mother and grandmother, and then a massage and a manicure, followed up by dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. My best friend Tina, and her hubby and son came along (well not for the spa day, but everything else), and it made for a pretty good time. Tina also proved invaluable... as the mother to a 1 year old, she helped me finish my registry at Babies R Us. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to walk around the store with her and my scanner.....she would tell me what I needed and I would add it. I mean, I honestly had no idea how important a bouncy seat or a play gym were, but now I do!

But beyond all the day itself... turning 30 has made me reflect on my life. Around New Year's, I started to look back at the past decade. So much has changed!

I turned 20 while at Butler, and actually while just beginning to date Steve (we got together early 2nd semester my sophmore year). It's crazy to think we've been together to what equates to a 3rd of my life! Back then I was worried about what my major would be and scoring A's in my classes. And, taking some time out for a few memorable parties. Tina roomed with me back then at the house, and probably could share a few stories :).

From there I graduated with a t-comm degree... kind of a waste, really. I never really scored a t-comm job, even though I did have my dream internship at WISH-TV. In hindsight I should have gotten some sort of business degree. But, it's not like I didn't have my fair share of different jobs. I started out working within an ad agency.... moving on to do marketing for a Papa John's franchise. From there I had a stint in corporate real estate. And, today I manage an apartment complex. Yeah, I guess I've kind of become a jack of all trades, really. In some ways I envy people like Steve who found what they had a passion for and have stuck with it... I think I'm just a square peg when it comes to careers. In some ways, I think us creative types never truly fit into the business world.

But beyond my jobs, I married my wonderful husband Steve in 2002. We became homeowners in 2004. We've got 2 great pooches, great families and friends, and are well on our way to creating our own family.... the third member will arrive sometime in late April/early May :). And, we've had the opportunity to take some amazing trips and live a pretty comfortable life.

I don't mean these statements to come off as arrogant or anything, but I have to say that I am really happy with the way my life has gone so far. Yes, we had some lean times over the past 10 years, but overall we've been really lucky. Maybe that's why turning 30 hasn't been so bad thus far....


Tina said...

Wow, it's amazing how much your life has changed in a matter of 10 years! Also, glad I could be of help this weekend. =)

Carrie said...

Trust me, you were a lifesaver!