Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Blair Witch Nursery Project

Buying stuff is a lot more fun than putting it together.

So, Steve and I have sorta been easing our way into the monstrosity that is Babies R Us. It’s frightening to new parents. Things like “Travel Systems” and “Pack & Plays” are foreign to our ears. Plus, add in the fact that there is a whole AISLE dedicated to each of these things, causing you to pick one out of like 50 and wondering if your choice is going to make or break your kid. We’ve taken a few brief strolls through the store – absorbing as much as we could without breaking into a cold sweat, gradually learning about all of these crazy contraptions that are an absolute “must” for kids.

While we have miles to go on the rest of the accessories that come with baby, we were pretty easily able to decide on a nursery. We found a crib that we liked right away (see below), with changing table.

Okay, check that off the list. We’d also had a few ideas of what themes we would like to decorate with. As I had mentioned in an earlier blog, we decided on the “B is for Bear” (and for “Brett”, you know!) theme. Below is the gorgeous perfect design of what the theme should look like in an ideal nursery. This picture is how they market the set.

So now with these lofty expectations of how you are SUPPOSED to decorate your nursery, we have begun the journey.

With some generous Christmas dough, we decided to go ahead and purchase everything, knowing that it would take 2 weeks to come in (and wanting to make sure we’d get what we want in case it would get discontinued). No problem. We’d be home, have a chance to clear out the room and voila – a nursery would suddenly appear. Not so much. While in Chicago, on New Year’s Eve, we get the call that our order is ready for pick-up. Seriously? Wow. Well, it worked out that my parents would be able to help us on New Year’s Day. So, we arrive in Indy around 3:00, snow and all and meet my parents at the store.

After finding a way to fit everything into my dad’s truck (and yes, the furniture looks smaller in the store), we made our way home, and somehow Steve and my parents were able to lug up this dresser and crib into the second bedroom. Now – keep in mind that this second bedroom has been used for an office. We still have the computer desk, bookcase, etc. filling up this room. I had to take a picture so you can see what we are up against. Behold the office with the changing table smack in the middle and the unassembled crib and mattress in the background (and YES, that is a clothes drying rack to the left… we also dry our laundry in this room).

So, yes, it was fun picking out but I am dreading getting this all together. I think we have a game plan. It’s just a matter of getting it done. (After we of course paint the room and put up the decorative wall border :) ). And, I’d better take shloads of pictures of this beautiful room when we are done, because I have a sinking feeling that Brett will never even remember what it looked like when all is said and done.

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Anonymous said...

When you are getting nursery/baby things get multi taskers when you can. The best thing we ever got was a baby swing that converts to a high chair. You don't need both pieces at the same time and it is a major space/storage saver.--Julie