Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brett's Baby Booty

He's not even out of the womb yet, but Brett has managed to collect some pretty nice swag so far...

Included in this collection are:

1. a bib from our trip to Cozumel

2. a White Sox teddy bear bought by Steve's parents (we went to a White Sox game the night we found out we were pregnant)

3. Bulldog booties and a bib from Brett's first Butler basketball game two weeks ago (although I don't know that he'll remember it all that well)

4. misc. onesies/shoes/bibs from family and friends

Whew... and he's still got 15 weeks go to!

1 comment:

amypfan said...

Just found your blog through Joe and Kate's. Congratulations! And we have that same Butler bib. :)