Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Celebrity Baby Boom

Okay, I'll admit I'm a bit of a celebrity junkie. I subscribe to People and I catch Extra every night (I mean, what would I do without my daily report of Brit watch?). I love this stuff and I always have. Maybe it's the fact that I'll never have the life of these beautiful and famous people, and I can live interveniously through them. Hard to say for sure, but I am indeed intrigued.

Well, I know that a couple of years ago Angelina had Shiloh and Katie had Suri and Britney... well, those poor poor children. Anyway, it's not that Hollywood hasn't had it's share of famous pregnancies lately... but is it just me or is EVERYONE in Hollywood pregnant now?

See, I am looking at it like this... have you ever bought a new car, and as soon as you drove off the lot it seems like everyone on the road drives your new car as well? Yeah. So, I can't decide if it is because I am fully obsessed and enraputed in my pregnancy that I am noticing this or if it is really true.

I have to admit that I was glued to my tv/internet this past weekend to see if they announced when Nicole and Christina had their babies... and what they delivered (Christina had a boy too, yay!). It's like suddenly I can relate to these people on a whole new level. When I got my issue of Marie Claire featuring Christina, I was sucked into the article. So many of her feelings (fears and excitment) I shared as well.

And, let's not forget Halle (who announced her pregnancy right after I found out I was pregnant). Halle with the perfect figure... it secretly gives me pleasure to see that as her pregnancy is progressing, her thighs are expanding like any normal person. Don't get me wrong, I love Halle Berry, but I feel like this is something that I can relate to her about. Plus, our due dates are close...

And then you have JLo (who I've never been a huge fan of), but I somehow care about her pregnancy.. and she's due on my birthday! And now we can add to the list - Jessica Alba (who might be due a little bit later than me), Nicole Kidman, Giada, even Britney's little sis, etc. etc..... and we can't forget the guys... even bachelor Matthew McConahay has a pregnant girlfriend.

So, hey, if nothing else, I guess it's "en vogue" to have a baby these days.... and I'm sure they are all dealing with backaches and heartburn just like me.

Just an observation from my own little pregnant corner of the world today.

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