Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Waiting Game

So here I am at week 38. That is one week longer than I was pregnant with Brett. I am proud of this accomplishment, however that one week alone felt like a MONTH.

In my last post, I mentioned that the doctor was going to induce me on August 27th. Well, we moved back the induction 5 days to September 1st by MY CHOICE. I pondered all last weekend about the induction date. She'd ALMOST be full term. I mean that would take her to 39 1/2 weeks, but I couldn't get over the fact that it was like running 13.1 miles, but quitting before the .1. Not QUITE reaching the finish line. I mean, I've been pregnant for like FOREVER...what is 5 extra days in the whole scheme of things? So, I decided to move my induction date to the next day my doc is on call, which happens to be September 1st. This date sits much better with me, for it allows baby girl to bake until full term (August 31st) and only be induced 1 day overdue. If she wants to be an escape artist and make her way into the world before the induction, it's on HER time and not MY time. And, I will know that she was ready to come out before her due date.

So, while, this decision resonates well with my brain, my body is disagreeing. It knows I must be crazy and self destructive. I had another full day of contractions again last Friday (and what IS it about Fridays? They are my crazy contraction days), and they basically did NOTHING for progressing labor. I was still only dilated 1 1/2 cm when checked on Monday. Ugh. My body is tired and ready to go...

However, sitting at home on weekends and my days off of work make it far worse. These days drag out SO LONG and I can feel my pregnant body screaming to be done with it all. So, work days tend to go faster. However, I am also much more tired and some days are like a huge chore to get through. I had originally said I would work through this Friday and then be done, but if I'm being induced a week and a half later, I can't imagine sitting at home BORED for 12 whole consecutive days, twiddling my thumbs. So, I decided to tentatively work until Friday the 27th...yep I am choosing to work until 39 1/2 weeks. I know I am certifiable, but hey, it's only 3 days a week (Mon, Tue. & Fri.) and my hours are super flexible. And, like I said, these days go FASTER for me, even though they are tiring.

So, as of today, the countdown stands at 14 days or less.

That means:

- 56 fingers stabs to draw blood to test my sugars, or less

- 14 more insulin shots, or less

- 14 more restless nights of sleep, or less

- 14 more days of aching heartburn, or less

- 14 more days of mad carpel tunnel syndrome, or less

And, THE MOST important of all (and what keeps me going)...

- 14 more days or less until I meet our sweet baby girl :)


Tina said...

I think you made a great decision to move the date back. Like you said, you've been waiting so long already, a few more days will be OK. She'll probably choose to come on her own before then anyways! I cannot wait to meet sweet baby girl (and my future daughter in law)!!

Robin said...

I was induced with Mabel on Sept 1st and her birthday is Sept 2nd!!! Hooray for Sept babies!!!