Saturday, August 7, 2010


So I haven't been on here in a few days to update.

This is what has happened since my last post... the following Friday after my crazy contractions, I had another Friday full of contractions. Per my doctor, they weren't hard enough to make me loose my breath in pain so I didn't do anything. I went to sleep that night and they went away the next morning. This past week, I've had little bouts of contractions on and off, but they have eventually all gone away.

My last doctor visit was Thursday and they checked me. I am at 1 1/2 cm dilated but not effaced. However, the baby has dropped. I went from measuring 1 week ahead (37 weeks) to a few behind (34 1/2) in the course of about 2 days. I thought the baby dropped a few weeks ago because my belly looked different, but no, it's definitely different now. I watched my belly shrink over about a day this week. I look far less pregnant than I did a week ago, but man, does it ever feel like I am waddling more as the baby has settled low into the birth position (and she is head down, which is great news in and of itself).

But besides that, I am really tired and bored of pregnancy. I look at the calendar and wonder how I can speed up time. We've gotten everything in order....we're mentally prepared to bring a new life into the world...I'm just SICK of being pregnant. I know it's not quite a year, the whole process, but it feels like much more than that. There are still cool points to it though... like 2 nights ago, Steve and I were chilling and watching TV and I was able to catch her little foot (I think it was her heel) as it was moving near the top of my belly. Steve grabbed it too, and I think he thought it was pretty awesome. Makes me excited to be able to hold her soon.

The diabetes thing is irritating more than anything... I've learned to deal with it and now that it's routine it's no big deal. There are times where I REALLY want like a huge brownie sundae or a huge plate of mac n cheese, but I've been able to either ignore my cravings, or make things from a low carb website that I found that somewhat take care of them. Best news is that I've still hardly gained any weight this pregnancy. I doubt I'll make it to the final weight I reached with Brett at this point (which is a good thing, trust me!).

And, speaking of which, this weekend when I was pregnant with Brett was the last weekend I was pregnant. Yep, they induced me right at 37 weeks because of my pre-eclampsia, and I am just a couple days shy of reaching that 37 week milestone this time. I guess that makes me more antsy than anything, but I am just trying to take it day by day.

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Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

I love reading your posts. Love babies. I can't wait for our little ones to look at each other and drool. Hahaha. Here's hoping it all goes quickly and smoothly!