Thursday, March 11, 2010

Way Too Much Excitement For One Day

Tuesday started off like your regular ole Tuesday. I was kind of tired, not really excited to go into work, but hey, that's life. I took B down to my mom's house and dropped him off. Then I went into work and was doing your regular ole mundane bookkeeper duties when my phone rang.

My mom explained that Brett had fallen into the pond. What???? I guess he was out of eyesight for like a minute and he managed to make his way all the way down to the pond from the sandbox (that's a pretty far hike for a 22 month old). When she found him he was floating on his tummy and paddling his arms, but the kid obviously can't swim yet. Cheetah version 2.0 had made it into the pond as well, and was floating well towards the center of the pond. I guess she pulled Brett right up and turned him over to get any water out of his system and immediately took him inside, stripped his clothes off and put him in the bathtub. Luckily he was breathing the whole time. My dad, in the meantime came home to fetch his BFF Cheetah from the pond.

So, I called the pediatrician to and she asked me to bring him in so she could look him over and they sent us to get x-rays "just in case". We have been watching him for the last couple of days and luckily he seems fine.

Yeah, way too much excitement for one day. I am just so grateful he's okay. My mind keeps going to dark places where I think "what if", and it has been driving me a little nutty. I just need to learn to accept the fact that everything is fine. I just want to wrap him in bubble wrap and put a leash on him. And, he's only 22 months. I have a feeling these gray hairs on my head are going to start multiplying rapidly if he keeps up these shenanigans!


Cathy said...

So THANKFUL he's OK. I have nightmares about the pond in our backyard. And I don't think you're that crazy about the leash thing. The only people that object to leashes on kids are people that haven't a. ever had them, or b. had boys like ours!

amypfan said...

How scary!! I'm so glad he's ok!

Andrea said...

I am still shuddering from when you told me this story at lunch. So glad he's okay!