Tuesday, March 2, 2010

26 MORE Weeks?

So, during my last pregnancy, I don't recall if I ever got around to it, but I meant to write a post titled "9 months is just about right". I had kind of hashed it out in my mind, and the basic premise of the post would have been that from the time you find out you are indeed "with child" to giving birth, 9 months gives you ample time to make the mental adjustment from shock to "I can't wait to be a mommy". It also gives you enough time to go to the big scary Babies R Us store and figure out what knicknack and gadgets are needed (and there are no less than 395 of them) for a newborn. This timeframe also allows you to figure out if you want to know the baby's sex, pick out a crib and decorate the nursery. And, it allows you to make peace with the fact that you and your significant other are no longer going to be just a couple. You are going to be PARENTS.

Well, for me with my first pregnancy, 9 months (although full of the regular pregnancy discomforts) was perfect. This time? An eternity.

See the paragraph above...I already know and understand all of these things. We are moving Brett into another room, so we even have the nursery (which is gender neutral) ready. The ONLY reason I'd need some time to get ready would be if when we have the ultrasound at 20 weeks, we find out that we are having a girl. That would mean that I'd need to stock up on girl clothes and related accessories. Otherwise, if we are having a boy, we are SET. I still have all of Brett's old clothes around "just in case".

So, that leaves me to feel like 40 weeks is excruciatingly LONG this pregnancy. Why can't we speed the process along after the first one? With the exception of having Brett's new room ready, I am ready NOW for a baby. And, I've JUST begun my second trimester....

Here's hoping the spring and summer go by quickly! :)


Tina said...

Can't agree with you more!

Andrea said...

Yep, I completely agree as well! We didn't even find out the gender with baby #2 so we had nothing to do but wait (and wait and wait).

amypfan said...

I hear you! And as I sit here nursing at 2 am, I reflect that even the 9 months doesn't adequately prepare your body for the shock of what's coming (though your mind might know quite well), so why not get the pain of pregnancy over faster? :]