Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

Disclaimer - this post contains a lot of complaining.

- Looking at pictures of me from 3 years ago when I was skinny, makes me sad.

- I'm never buying anything but a cheap dishwasher again. Our 2 1/2 year old dishwasher just went out and it cost JUST AS MUCH to buy a brand new cheaper dishwasher as it would to fix it. Yikes!

- Why do I feel so lousy on a day that started out so sunny and bright?

- When will I ever regain the energy to clean my house again? It's been 3 months and if it wasn't for Steve, we would be living in squalor.

- Why did a stupid realtor call me today and ask me about the status of my house? Dude, we had 96 showings during the MOST MISERABLE 6 months OF MY LIFE. We are NOT listing again for a good LONG time.

- Come to think of it, during those majorly stressful 6 months, I put on a lot of weight, had my first bout of stress induced psoriasis, spent entirely too much money eating out, and had to take "happy pills" to prevent a total breakdown (even though I had no less than 3 massive crying meltdowns). If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't. I'd run.

- Why did I feel really good for about 2 weeks and then, since last Saturday (or just over a week), feel less than human again?

- My mom says that during periods of rapid fetal growth, it's normal to feel really wiped out. So, I'm just hoping it's the baby getting bigger.

- I feel crummy, and I know that taking a shower will help, but where do I get the energy to do that?

- I feel like such a bad mom on days where I barely have energy and Brett needs a mom, and I feel like I'm majorly letting him down.

- I hate making appointments with delivery people. I keep rescheduling Brett's dresser for delivery because only the day before will they give you the 2 hour window when you need to be home (but they want you to leave your entire day open first). Who can do that?

- Ugh. We have to paint and put together Brett's room. And, find a place for everything in this third bedroom that won't fit anywhere else in our house (including our entire home office). Yeah, so much for selling our house. But, I am at least GRATEFUL that my dad turned this into a third bedroom. Before that, it was just a loft, and we wouldn't have been able to have this second baby.

- When will I feel normal again????

Sorry, I told you it would be a rant... here's hoping my next post is more upbeat.


Andrea said...

((HUGS)) Pregnancy (and more importantly, hormones) are rough! Hang in there!

By the way, you are a great mom and Brett will not remember the few days you had a rough time, he will remember that his Mommy loved him and wanted him to have the gift of a sibling. :)

Suellen said...

Hang in there, Carrie. I remember feeling most of those things when I was pregnant (not the bit about Brett as I didn't have any kids yet) but know that this is the hardest thing you have to do. Growing a person is REALLY hard. *Hugs!*

amypfan said...

I SO sympathize. Just give Brett lots of cuddles while you're vegging on the couch and he'll be totally happy. :)

Cathy said...

<> Andrea's right, he won't remember at all, he'll be having way too much fun with Baby Brother/Sister! And it doesn't take much energy to hug him. Just do that, and he'll be just fine!