Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cute Baby Ad Campaign

Okay, so the new mannequin ad campaign for Old Navy is just stupid... they need a better idea... namely 2 cute babies!

What's really funny about this scenario is that when Tina and I were roommates at Butler all of those years ago, we have a knack for dressing the same every couple of days... totally unplanned. Now it seems as if Brett and Evan have caught the bug too.

Yes - Brett, mommy & daddy went to visit Evan and his family over the weekend. Like at an earlier visit we sat them on a chair together... this time Brett was much more wiry and wanted to get off. He kept lunging towards Evan too, which I think freaked Evan out because he's not used to anyone smaller than he is!

Overall, they did pretty well together.. even though Evan was a little wigged out by Brett taking his toys, he was still nice about it :)

Evan, can I please play with your big boy toys?

You're my bud.

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