Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Infant Scientist

Wearing his classic "Smart" onesie :)

I’m such a proud mommy! Brett has become a “scientist”. Already proving to be his daddy’s boy…

Recently, we found out about the “Babytalk” Research through Riley Hospital for Children and decided to become involved. Basically, this is a study about cochlear implants for hearing impaired children. To assist in the research, they need babies (I think under 18 months) both normal hearing as well as hearing impaired.

We submitted our application and they were able to match Brett up to a hearing impaired child his age. So, we have been to Riley a couple of times so that Brett could earn his “infant scientist” degree. (He really did receive a “diploma” for his help).

Could this be Brett's first step towards winning the Nobel Prize?


Andrea said...

Aww that's nice. I hope their research (and your son's involvement) helps babies who can't hear.

Cathy said...

Chris is one of those hearing impaired children. But you'd never know it to look at him, but it's such a blessing all the things Riley does. Thanks for your contribution!