Saturday, April 12, 2008

So - This Is It!

Since yesterday morning I feel like my life has kicked into overdrive.

(And, BTW- yes we got our new computer in... the timing couldn't have been better!)

To catch up, I went to the doctor last Friday (the 5th) and she told me that I was developing pre eclampsia and put me on bed rest. At that point just my blood pressure was high, and I was retaining water. So I went home and rested. Tuesday I had an ultrasound and doc visit and things really hadn't changed. Yesterday, well, things changed.

The first thing they always do is have you pee in a cup and check all of your levels. I was reading high in protein (which is very very bad). This means that my pre eclampsia had become elevated during the week and now I was getting into dangerous territory.

So, the doctor checked me out (still high blood pressure and all) and determined that she would need to induce. Since I'm almost full term (I hit 37 weeks on Sunday), Brett should be okay. Okay... I figured I'd go early. I'd predicted 4-20 as his due date! But still I wasn't quite prepared THIS early. I explained that my baby shower was the 12th (today) and she thought that we could probably induce tomorrow night (the 13th). BUT - they were getting pretty full and if she couldn't get me in Sunday she was going for Friday. Yeah, literally. She would induce me THAT VERY NIGHT. Okay, trying not to freak out here...

She then put a fetal monitor on me and monitored Brett's heartbeat for about 1/2 an hour. Everything checked out okay and she sent me home - letting me know she'd call and let me know what the plan would be.

I then proceeded to call my poor hubby who very quickly wrapped up his work day and got home (and I honestly feel bad - he's got a really busy week next week and he having someone cover it all for him now). I called my mom who was getting ready to put the shower on hold if needed, too.

Then, at around 3:00 the doc called and let me know we were a "go" for Sunday. THANK GOD! I've never in my life treasured 2 extra days than I do right now! So, we took a breath and went out to dinner.. probably our last one as a DINK couple. I figured we might as well, since it would be forever until we got to do it again.

So, the shower is today and then hopefully it's a mad dash to set everything up, launder the new clothes, make a last minute Babies R Us run and finish packing my bag. Oh, and "get a good night's sleep tonight" according to the doc. I am hoping I can. I'm going to have to make Steve do a lot of this stuff for me anyway, since I really shouldn't be very active right now.

Plus, it is going to be a long and drawn out labor... I am not even dialated, and it will take awhile for it to happen. And, because of this, my chance for a C-section has risen to 40%. So, we'll see what will happen. At this point, what will be will be. It's out of my hands now!


Joe said...

Good luck! We will be sending good thoughts your way tomorrow.

Andrea said...

Good luck!

Cathy said...

I've been there, same thing, pre-eclampsia and induction. I just want you to know I'm praying for you and your family this evening.

amypfan said...

By the time I'm reading this, Brett is probably already here--congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures.