Saturday, April 5, 2008

Maybe I should submit this to a scientific journal

This is another blog that I wrote almost 2 years ago, and I just had to re-visit it today after the New Kids announced on the Today show that they were back together, releasing an album and going on tour.....

Once again, it has nothing to do with pregnancy, but who cares?

This may be the most insightful ground breaking theory ever written in a blog.

Or it may be the worst.

My money is on the latter… but it's still a fun idea.

So, ever since the girlfriends I've grown up with have picked their husbands (and well, I guess the men had some input here too), I started to develop a theory about why they chose who they chose.

Keep in mind, these are girlfriends I've known since the beginning of time (or at least since first grade or so).

I call it "The NKOTB Principle".

Yes, you can stop blushing if you already know what NKOTB stands for. (And, on a side note, why oh why is everyone my age so embarrassed to say they liked the group… we were kids for heavens sakes when they were popular, we didn't need bands with great musical ability or insightful lyrics to love when we were like 11).

Basically, I think that around the time we were all in 5th grade, when the New Kids became popular, it coincided with the moment we realized that boys weren't icky… they were actually - dare I say it, cute?

So, my friend "J" (names have been changed to protect the innocent) had a thing for Donnie.. he was her favorite New Kid. Later on into jr. high and high school she had a thing for "bad boys", and ended up marrying a stocky sandy haired guy.

My friend, "T" loved Joey (as did like 90% of the girls at my grade school) and ended up marrying her high school sweetheart, who was a genuinely nice guy and had kind of a baby face.

I, on the other hand loved Jordan. I had posters plastered all over my wall of the beautiful and sexy Jordan Knight. I was going to be the mother of his children, but um, that kind of, um, changed. No, my husband may not be a clone of Jordan (and, sorry honey, really, if you are reading this and you are embarrassed), but he is tall dark and handsome with olive skin and dark eyes.

Steve will probably kill me for posting this, but come on.. you have to admit there is a similarity here!

I probably have other examples. Maybe pure coincidence? But, I wonder if there is some ounce of truth to this whole crazy idea.

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