Friday, March 14, 2008


Okay, so I'm guilty. Really guilty. Of not blogging for well over 2 weeks.

In all honesty, I have been so tired that as soon as I get home, I am looking to eat and and to put a pillow beneath my head. I also have trouble staying awake at work. Today, for example, I feel like Brett is sucking the life out of of me... any bit of energy that I would normally have is being used by him. Which, I guess, if he needs it, is fine. He's actually been squirming around quite a bit today, so I know HE'S doing great. It's funny how I can just stare down at my belly and see the whole thing just shift from side to side. In one sense it's very strange, but in another sense it's really cool.

I've also been sick. Luckily I was able to avoid getting sick most of the winter. In my business I am around sick people all day, and somehow by the grace of God have avoided getting sick. But Steve got sick on the 29th, and well, you know the rest. That weekend brought the last bit of energy I've had in awhile. We went that Friday night to Purdue to see Ben Folds (excellent, wonderful show by the way... and I will be there next time he comes to town) and then to Lexington the next morning to visit Steve's brother. And then, whammo, the following Tuesday I felt like a Mack truck hit me. So, I've also been getting over this cold since then. I'm hoping to re-coup this weekend.

But, that kind of explains where I've been... sleeping and eating. I feel like Garfield. Work is getting harder for me too. It's so hard to stay focused and alert while trying to lead an office. I don't recommend being the boss and being pregnant. Not an easy task.

Well, that's all from my pregnant corner of the world today. Now, back to trying to stay alert and focused. I'll try to get an updated picture of me on here one day. I think that Brett must be growing a pound a day... I don't see how my belly can get any bigger!

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