Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Childbirth Classes, and why I (heart) Stork Parking

So, in my last blog I mentioned that Steve and I were taking childbirth classes. My doctor recommended taking them through the hospital (Community North if anyone cares) when we first found out we were pregnant. So, way back in November we signed up for March classes. It seemed like forever before they got here, but for the past 3 Wednesday nights (and we have one more this Wednesday), we have been educated on the whole childbirth experience.

I've been kind of a bookworm during the pregnancy. I've read like 10 books about the experience, so it's not like I had no education on the subject. But still, classes can be a little overwhelming/frightening.

Take class #1. Basically it was all about labor and delivery. Now I've sort of read about labor and delivery (but honestly, I haven't read all that far ahead of where I am in the pregnancy), so when the very well educated nurse zipped through everything I wondered if I had absorbed it all. I know that we covered timing of contractions, but I'm still not sure what the "formula" is.. I think it's 5..1..1. But, I don't quite know how that breaks down. I think Steve got that part. Anyway, and then every week we seem to watch a childbirth video. And, note, they don't show attractive Katherine Heigl giving birth... they seem to pick (how should I put this) couples who wouldn't be anywhere near People's 50 most beautiful list. I, who under normal circumstances, is of average size would be mortified to have anyone filming me during childbirth. Maybe if I'd tack on 100 pounds to my frame I'd be less inhibited? I don't know, but these women sure don't seem to care!

Anyway, so the second class was a little better. It went over pain management. We learned the breathing (which I'm still a little confused about, but I guess I'll figure it out once I'm in extreme pain), and the best part of the whole thing....massage techniques. This part right here is worth the $70 enrollment fee. Steve learned some awesome backrub techniques, as well as how to massage my hands and feet. And, trust me, I've made him practice waaayyy before the onset of labor :). I do plan on getting the epidural however (and especially if I might require a C-section), so that's how I plan to get through most of it.

Third class led us through a tour of the maternity suites. I was pretty impressed. Community North just opened up their brand new maternity ward less than a year ago, and the rooms are more like hotel rooms than hospital rooms (see below). And, in addition, there's a living area attached which has a couch that pulls out to a bed (for Steve) as well as a refrigerator, microwave, extra chairs, 2 plasma tv's, etc. And, as long as you don't have a C-section or emergency surgery, you deliver your baby in the same room. How cool is that? Anyway, it seems so swank... I'm a little afraid to get the hospital bill :(.

Last class is this Wednesday... we go over post-birth. This will be probably the best class for me. What do you do with the kid when they come home? I don't know! And, in fact, it's probably been at least 10 years since I've changed a diaper. I've definitely got a lot to learn. Steve and I aren't kid people, so we really have to figure this all out.

Finally, I have to end this blog with what might be the greatest thing for pregnant women. Stork Parking. Only offered at Babies R Us, unfortunately, but it is amazing! It got me thinking, why don't more places offer this option? Like, we were at Meijer yesterday and I was asking Steve why we couldn't use Stork Parking. A parking lot like that is huge, and when you are waddling, it is a chore to get to the door! These are things that I think more places need to consider. And, in fact, they can limit it to women in their third trimester. I didn't really "need" it until recently. I've seen handicapped people dart out of their cars much faster than I can these days.

Just something to think about. But, really, if you are pregnant, check out the Babies R Us Stork Parking. It's just about the best thing since sliced bread.


Cathy Willman said...

Kroger in Brownsburg has Pregnant Parking. I just loved it. I double dog dare them to argue with you if you parked in handicapped though...

ems said...

There's stork parking at Kroger and Marsh too. I'm also thinking it's at Target on 116th, but I could be mistaken.

I always wondered how well those would work. I mean, if I was in a hurry and parked there one day, who could stop me and say I really couldn't park there? For all they know, I'm pregnant. Wouldn't all sort of opportunistic people take advantage? And then where would the pregnant moms be?

And the final question - WHY isn't Steve dropping you off the door, parking and then joining you at the store? Bad Steve.

Heather said...

Marsh has expecting mothers and mother of toddler parking!