Monday, March 24, 2008

Showers, and "Is This For Real?"

Well, this last past week brought quite a bit of excitement about our upcoming bundle of joy.

First of all, last Wednesday the girls at work, as well as the girls at our sister community threw me a suprise baby shower. I was very suprised as I didn't even see it coming! They planned it very well...they even lucked out that my boss decided to come to town for a visit the day they were throwing it, so I was so distracted that I didn't even notice them getting the cake and balloons and everything together while he was here. I was just so touched that they thought to do this for me! We got lots of stylish clothes and accessories for little Mr. Brett, which are very much needed because otherwise he doesn't have much of a wardrobe!

Then, this weekend, Steve and I drove up to Chicago for a baby shower/luncheon and Easter. His aunts threw a very cute teddy bear themed shower for me at a nice local restaurant. We had teddy bear favors and cookies, and Brett even got an awesome huge teddy bear that doubles as a chair. It looks just like the bear theme from our nursery! It was all very nice and we again got lots of great wardrobe additions for the little man, as well as some cute nursery additions and accessories.

But, we almost didn't make it Chicago this weekend. I had a heck of a time sleeping on Friday night, and when I woke up Saturday morning I had abdominal pains and my back was hurting. Thinking that this didn't seem quite right, I immediately grabbed my pregnancy books, and instructions from our childbirth classes that we've been attending. As I thought, these were pre-labor symptoms. Once I started to realize that my lower back pain was gradually getting worse and then it would feel better I began to suspect contractions. I tried to time them, but, alas, they weren't consistent.

Thoughts that immediately ran through my head included the fact that we hadn't assembled the carseat yet, we aren't done with our childbirth classes (we finish number 4 of 4 this Wednesday), I hadn't thought about packing my bag, and we need to launder everything so it's ready for him to come home to. Plus, we don't have his pack n play yet, which we are planning on using as his basinnet when he gets here! Basically, we aren't quite ready yet.

So, I keep reading, and my doctor's instructions say that if I experience these symptoms to immediately drink 3-4 glasses of water (yeah, right, my bladder can't hold that right now!.. I went for 2) and lay on my left side for 30 minutes. Luckily after about 30 minutes they started to subside. I went ahead and called the doc anyway, who said that we could still travel, as long as I stayed hydrated and got up and walked around every hour or so. Still, I was a little freaked out about the whole thing. I mean, travelling 3 hours away from the hospital after that seemed a bit risky to me, but we went ahead with it. Luckily all went well.

But all who I saw this weekend indicated that they didn't think I had that much time left. I am 34 weeks pregnant (measuring 37), and I am freaking HUGE. Like seriously, you know people who have twins? Yeah, that's me, and I'm only carrying ONE. One very large boy. My mom saw me last night after not seeing me since the first weekend in March and one of the first things she said to me was that I am going to have to have a C-section. Yeah, I don't know it for sure, but I am kind of in agreement with her. I bet I have a 10 lb. baby... and technically I still have 6 weeks to go... (which I PRAY doesn't happen).

So, plans for this weekend include getting our butts in gear. We plan on getting as much together as possible because I have a feeling that Brett is going to be coming, and SOON, and on his terms, not ours!

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