Thursday, February 21, 2008

Okay, this is all beginning to make sense

So, I had my last doctor's appointment Tuesday morning. And, yes, this was the doctor's appointment where I had to take the dreaded glucose test (and for all who don't know what that means - they test you for gestational diabetes).

Now, I know I have a big baby. My mom even looked at me on Sunday and marvelled at how big the baby has to be right now. She even prompted me to make sure that my due date was actually right, according to my doctor.

My fears? Gestational diabetes causes large babies. I have never personally had diabetes, but it does run in my family so I was dreading the results.

Well, I went in Tuesday morning and drank the orange-fanta like substance that they required of me... and then waited an hour for them to draw blood. In between, I met with my doctor. She measured my belly and told me that I was measuring 2 weeks ahead! So, instead of measuring 29 weeks, I was measuring 31. And, in fact, they told me that anytime after April 5th, if I went into labor they wouldn't try to stop it... they would go ahead and deliver the baby. Wow, crazy huh? We have mentally prepared ourselves for May 5th, but I am sooo glad we have the nursery together now. Brett may make his appearance much sooner than we all thought!

Well, they did draw my blood after my appointment and I was nervously awaiting the test results all day yesterday. When they didn't call, I finally called them and they told me that I was fine. Whew! What a relief! I was honestly freaked out, but all is well.

So, it's just as my mom said. I just have a REALLY BIG baby. He is definitely taking after Steve's side already. If Brett grows up to be as tall as his daddy, he'll be 6'4" when he's fully grown. I'm already dreading labor....

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