Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago

Steve had a conference downtown Chicago that lasted Memorial Day weekend through mid-week, so Brett and I decided to come and stay in the free hotel and crash. The location of the hotel was perfect, right off of Michigan Ave., specifically the part that is the magnificent mile. While the thought of doing lots of walking and shopping while 27 weeks pregnant didn't sound as appealing as it normally would, we couldn't pass it up.

During the days Brett and I made our way around the shops and picked up a few books, some makeup for mommy and clothes for baby girl, as well as a trip to the Disney store which included the purchase of a tractor for Brett. We also stopped in the Apple store for what I think was the most amusing experience. I wanted to play with the iPads, and to keep Brett occupied, I pulled up YouTube. After thinking about it for a brief moment, I realized I could pull up videos that I had uploaded of Brett and show them to him. I think the fact that we were so far from home in this random store watching Brett on the iPad absolutely blew his mind. He was like "Whoa". Cracked me up.

But the best part of staying downtown was all of the places to eat. While mommy and daddy tried to get a few places in that we wanted to eat at, we also wanted to give Brett some experiences he'd enjoy. First we took him to the Rainforest Cafe. He was overwhelmed by the animatronic animals there. For all of my trips to Chi-town, I'd always been interested in checking out the Rainforest Cafe but had never gone in. Waiting to go until we had kids was the best way to do it. I loved watching how excited he was to see all of the animals around him moving about as he ate his dinner. I think that was the best behaved he'd been at a meal in a long time!

And, then, we couldn't leave without a visit to Gino's East. We have Unos around here, but not Gino's, and man, that is good pizza! Considering that Brett is half "Chicagoan", he had to get to back to his "roots". He didn't seem to mind one bit. In fact, he dug right in!

Hopefully another blog or two to follow, depending on my energy level :)

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