Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pregnancy Updates

Woo hoo! I just looked at the pregnancy ticker on top of my blog and it looks like I have 79 days left... once I get to 75, I've only got 2 1/2 months. I know, baby steps, but, it helps me stay sane :).

So, I am officially in my third trimester now. I went to the doctor for my 28 week checkup on Thursday. And, I can say that I have only gained 8 1/2 pounds so far this pregnancy. It's crazy, because by this time with Brett, I had easily packed on 40 pounds or so. It's true that each pregnancy is different... but I guess I have been trying to eat better. Subway at least 3 times a week for lunch really helps, as does the fact that I can eat whatever now and not feel nauseous, so we've been making meals at home again and that helps as well. I still indulge in dessert, but, hey, I am also eating salads this time around. Last time, I couldn't look at salads without feeling sick...I was mainly on pasta and carbs with Brett. But it was recently brought to my attention that a comment was made about my nutrition during pregnancy. This really hurt my feelings, as I have been happier about the way I've been taking care of myself this time. I mean, sure, the week we were in Chicago, we indulged in a bunch of rich and fattening food, but that's not EVERY DAY of my normal life. Plus, we would walk a good distance to the restaurants, which had to count for something. Anyway, just a side note for anyone who wants to criticize a pregnant woman for how she eats (barring it's not imbibing in drugs or alcohol or anything dangerous), it can be very hurtful and make her feel like an incubator and not a human being (who is extra sensitive and emotional right now anyway, and hey, if my feet are swollen and my back hurts, and a bowl of ice cream sounds good...). Okay, enough of my venting....

So, where was I? Oh, yes, I went in for my 28 week appointment on Thursday. They did a lot of tests, including a test for anemia (which would make so much sense if I have it, because I have been so run down this past week or so), and the gestational diabetes test. I never want to rule that one out as a possibility, because diabetes does run in my family. I didn't hear from the doc on Friday, so either a. they haven't gotten the results back and are going to call early next week, or b. everything is okay and they didn't bother to call. I guess I'll find out one way or another within the next 2 weeks when I go back. That's right, now that I am past 28 weeks, I go back every 2 weeks now! This is kind of exciting because it makes me feel like I am nearing the end of the journey. I know I've still got 11 1/2 weeks to go, but maybe these appointments will make it go by faster.

Anyway, baby girl seems to be doing just fine. Her heartbeat registered very strong at the doctor, and she is constantly moving around... especially after I eat. Her kicks are a little different from Brett's, but they are now becoming strong enough that sometimes I can watch my belly move. It's a cool experience... one that seems to make the aches and pains more tolerable :).

And, on the aches and pains note... it's funny how even though certain parts of each pregnancy can be different, certain things rear their ugly head each time. Like I had horrible carpel tunnel with Brett. Well, within the past 3 weeks or so, it's back. The funny thing is that it only bothered me during the day with Brett. THIS time, it bothers me especially bad at night. If I position my hands wrong, they end up feeling numb and even HURTING me so bad I wake up. So, not only am I now lying on my side, I have to also position my hands in the perfectly awkward position so that blood flows to them properly. So, sleeping becomes even more of a challenge. And, finally, a new ache that I didn't have with Brett are my knees. For some reason, I have horrible knee pain, and it's compounded by all of the up and down movements I am doing with Brett.

But, I know the aches and pains are only a temporary annoyance to what awaits me. I can't wait to meet baby girl...we are getting super excited and I've been trying to pick up clothing and accessories here and there. Only just over 2 1/2 more months....can't wait!!!!


Suellen said...

Carrie - As far as the nutrition thing goes. Screw whoever is making comments. Seriously. The baby will take whatever she needs from your body. You are the only one who will "suffer." And for reals, people in 3rd world countries have healthy babies, so I'm pretty sure your bowl of ice cream will not scar your baby for life!

Andrea said...

Um, you are much nicer pregnant person than me. I might have beat someone down for saying something about my eating habits during pregnancy. ;)

Oh and I definitely was excited for the every 2 week appointments. It means you are getting close! Yay!