Monday, May 10, 2010

The Belly

I have been more self conscious this pregnancy, and have not felt like taking any baby bump pictures so far. But, since I am more than halfway through my pregnancy, and by this time with Brett, I'd taken like 5 different shots, I thought that I'd go ahead and humor you all. If nothing else, it gives me something to look back on. Hopefully, by this time next year I've gotten rid of a lot of this weight.

Anyway, here I am at just shy of 24 weeks. These pics taken 5-9-10 (Mother's Day 2010).


Cathy said...

I think you look great, keep in mind you're growing a whole new person!

amypfan said...

You look awesome! (even though I know you don't feel like it)

Andrea said...

You look great - love the baby bump! :)